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A successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is one of the things that a digital marketer takes note of when assessing the success of a business website. After months of diligently following and implementing the best practices and techniques, it would be so fulfilling to finally see your website ranking in all your target keywords. This development will likely make you look forward to seeing the many benefits that a high ranking in Google’s search engine results page (SERP) would bring such as a huge number of web visitors and conversions.

But what happens if your excellent SEO strategy is solely bringing traffic and nothing else? A top spot in SERP is never a guarantee for an increase in profits. Therefore, seeing a high number of visitors yet low conversion rates in your metrics is undoubtedly a red flag. It means that although you are excelling in your keyword research and meta tags, you are definitely neglecting other areas of digital marketing. Strengthen your SEO strategy and achieve your marketing goals by developing the following areas: 

Understanding your customers. 

Marketing in any form starts with knowing who your customers are. Thus, taking time to understand the needs of your customers should be done alongside keyword research and other SEO strategy techniques. In the first place, the success of your keyword research will also depend on how well you know your customers. As you gain more knowledge about your customers, you also discover ways on how to be of better service to them. This will lead to a better relationship with customers that will, in turn, result in brand loyalty and handsome ROI. 

Building your UX (user experience).

Your initial goal is to bring in web traffic through high SEO ranking. However, the end goal should be to let your visitors stay. Then, convince them to perform desired actions and come back for more transactions. This is an impossible goal if your ECommerce website is slumped with issues such as slow-loading webpages, confusing navigation, and poor-quality content. Thus, your SEO strategy will likely see better results by focusing more on the usability of your website. Make it a goal to provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience (UX) and see conversions rolling in.

Introducing your products or services.

While plotting an SEO strategy to improve or maintain your Google ranking, do not forget to take a look at how well you are presenting your products or services on your website. Instead of simply introducing your products, highlighting the benefits that it can give the users is a better approach. Moreover, the persuasive copy about the product should be supported. These supportive materials will further show a client how relevant or effective a product is. Examples of these are product images or client testimonials.

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It is impossible to tell the history of Google without mentioning the numerous algorithm updates it has introduced over the years. Google started introducing more updates as they continue to enhance how their platform processes search results. Web marketers and search engine optimization (SEO) specialists follow and monitor all updates such as Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin, and RankBrain. This is because changes implemented by Google can greatly affect a website’s ranking and performance.

Just recently, Google rolled out another change, the BERT update. With claims that the new update will affect 10 percent of all search queries, taking time to understand it should be part of crafting an online marketing strategy. The following briefly explains what this new change is about:

What you need to know about the Google Bert Update

Google is not the most popular search engine in the world for nothing. The giant company keeps on finding ways to further improve its systems and technology. Last October 2019, Google announced the BERT update, which is the acronym for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. The term may appear intimidating. However, it simply represents a technology that will allow the machines to better understand the search intent of users when they type in search queries.

Through its natural language processing (NLP) software, the BERT update aims to help machines respond like a human. In the past, it was not uncommon to type in a keyword and get unconnected results. Due to language complexities, it is very easy for search engines to wrongly interpret a query. Google wants to limit or altogether eliminate these mistakes through the BERT update, which is adept at interpreting the nuances and context of search queries.

How will the Google Bert Update affect SEO?

Since Google did not roll out any major updates in the last five years, reports are saying that the BERT algorithm will bring significant changes to Google’s search function. This prediction makes many digital marketers worry about how it will affect their SEO strategy. People in the online marketing world are likewise eager to learn ways on how to optimize their website for BERT.

However, a statement via Twitter from Google’s public search liaison, Danny Sullivan, sends out an assurance that the BERT update will not require any new or drastic changes to a website’s current on-page SEO tactic. This is true for a website that is already making an effort to provide quality content for its visitors. In a tweet, Sullivan said, “There’s nothing to optimize for with BERT, nor anything for anyone to be rethinking. The fundamentals of us seeking to reward great content remain unchanged.” Thus, if there is any effect, the BERT update will further highlight the importance of great content. The search algorithm will focus on search intent. Therefore, inserting exact keywords in content will no longer be as important as before. Now, the goal is to make the content sound more natural by writing with the users in mind and not for the search engines.

With the rapidly evolving technology, keeping up with the changes is one of the many roles of a digital marketer. Make sure that your firm is always updated with the latest news about how online marketing works by partnering up with a reliable digital marketing agency, the Birch River Design Group based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Get in touch with us through a phone call or email.

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Will a social media post be as interesting if you cannot see the number of likes it has received? Will sharing content be as fun and exciting if details about the followers who clicked the like button are hidden? These are surely questions that Instagram wants to answer due to the recent news that the social media giant is including more countries in the ongoing test to see the effects of hiding likes.

According to reports, the social media platform with over a billion users started hiding likes in April this year. In this Instagram experiment, users can still like a post but the like counts can only be viewed by the owner of the account itself. Instagram began this test in Canada then continued with six more countries. Namely; New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, Ireland, Australia, and Italy.

The experiment is not in any way concluded, as the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosser just announced during the Wired25 conference held in San Francisco last November, that the test is now gearing up to include users from the US just before this month ends. With stats saying that more than 500 million people are using the site every day, this update is surely big news. The following text attempts to provide information as to the reasons behind this move and the impacts that this possible change may bring:

Why does Instagram want to hide likes?


As they say, “there is strength in numbers,” and social media is a perfect place to prove this universal truth. In social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, success is measured by the number of likes, comments, and shares. More than a place for sharing and communicating, social media has become a place for seeking recognition and approval. The delight of seeing the number of likes in your Instagram post climbing up is one of the reasons why social media is addictive. However, while a high number of likes presents vast benefits for brands and individuals alike, the obsession to get more people to click that thumbs up button leads to many problems as well.

A study done by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and the Young Health Movement (YHM) showed that Instagram is one of the reasons for the mental health issues of young people today. This research does not seem to sit well with the people behind Instagram. The social media platform began to contemplate the possibility of hiding likes for the welfare and benefit of their users. According to Instagram CEO, Mosseri, the reason for the test is to ensure that the usage of Instagram leads to more happiness than distress. According to Mosseri, “We will make decisions that hurt the business if they help people’s well-being and health…it means we’re going to put a 15-year-old kid’s interests before a public speaker’s interest.”

Possible effects of an Instagram with hidden likes.


As people foresee a future of a social media feed with no information about the number of likes, people also start wondering if this possibility is a good or bad thing:



  • Lessen stress and competition. People are assuming that hidden like counts will make Instagram a less stressful online platform. It will eliminate the anxiety and embarrassment you can get from a post with a few likes. Therefore, being on Instagram will no longer feel like a competition.
  • More and better content. With no like counts to see as a gauge to measure the quality of a post, more users may feel encouraged to share content. Moreover, since like counts are not visible, people’s attention shifts to the content itself. The shift may lead to creating better content. This may also put an end to the practice of buying likes just to appear more credible.
  • Higher engagement and profits. Hiding like counts diminish its power to connect to brands and influencers. Thus, instead of hitting likes, it may urge followers to perform actions that will help a brand reach goals such as sending direct messages. This will lead to higher engagement and hopefully better profits.



  • No more influencer marketing. For Instagram influencers, their power to convince and inspire increases with the number of likes they get. Ultimately, less exposure may lead to lost revenue. Thus, many are speculating that hiding likes will mark the end of influencer marketing.

Everybody is abuzz about this move from Instagram. The result of the experiment may alter the way people view and use social media. The most we can do is hope that this will support Instagram’s aim of providing the best user experience.

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With numerous benefits that firms can get from social media marketing, it can be discouraging to see dismal results from all your campaign efforts on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Since these websites are well-known for their steadily-increasing members and high engagement, failure in social media marketing means missing a golden opportunity to connect with thousands and even millions of followers. In a way, it is almost like seeing profits and conversions going down the drain. Thus, it would not be right for a business to accept defeat in social media that easily. The laudable approach is to continually analyze why the campaigns are not creating the desired impact and in the process seek ways to get better. One way to improve is by looking at the possible mistakes you may have been committing on your social media tactics:

Posting too frequently.

Regular posting of relevant content is essential for a social media campaign. Overdoing, however, may not help you achieve your goals. Thus, while one Facebook post a day may be enough to stay in touch with your followers, posting more than that may result to lower engagement. This is because each status update will not be given enough exposure for the viewers to see. Frequent posts may even start to become annoying. Thus, instead of coming up with more postings, a better approach is to focus on creating quality content. Moreover, social media marketers should remember to consider the platform when assessing the optimal number of postings.

Posting at the wrong time.

Even the most brilliant content will not create much engagement if you post it at a time when most of your followers are inactive. Thus aside from creating quality content, make sure to post it at the most appropriate time. The time when your posting appears matters a lot. Therefore, it is recommended to check your social media analytics and algorithms. This will allow you to see the hours when most of your followers are active. This is also why it is impossible to craft an effective social media campaign without taking the time to get to know your followers.

Posting the same message on all platforms.

Social media management is anything but easy. That is why there are many apps and tools that will allow web marketers to post a single status on all existing accounts. These tools are definitely helpful to keep your social media accounts active. However, having a synonymous status on all your accounts may not allow you to fully connect with your followers. Popular content on Facebook may not have the same effect when posted on Twitter or Instagram. So while leveraging the use of social media tools, take time to tweak your content to fit the users of a specific platform.

Not investing in social media advertising.

Social media marketing requires a continuous and consistent effort. You want to do more than what is required to keep on growing your members and engaging with your followers. One way to do this is by running an ad campaign on social media platforms. With its wide reach and flexibility, this is a cost-effective way to reach out to new clients. A successful campaign comes from thoroughly studying the advertising platforms and clearly defining your goals.

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Articulacy is one of the most important skills that a salesperson should have. The words you use to introduce and sell your products can make or break your tactic. This art of arranging and combining words to create the impact you want is called copywriting. In digital marketing where content is perceived as king, the way you string words to help achieve your goals is very important. But with all the technological developments that are happening, writing is likewise taking on a different form. The growing need to provide users with the best experience has given birth to UX (user experience) copywriting. Read on for basic information about this new role and how crucial it is for your online marketing tactics to work:

How is UX writing different from usual copywriting?


The job of a UX writer and a copywriter both require impeccable writing skills. Both roles use the power of words to convey something to the readers. However, the difference lies in the aim and focus of their writing. In the early days of the Internet, web copywriters are tasked to provide unique, informative, and valuable content. The goal of this writing is to persuade a client to perform desired actions. In UX copywriting, the main goal is to ensure that the user will be able to navigate a website with ultimate ease. This includes various tasks ranging from creating user-friendly instructions on an online platform or a high-tech gadget. 

While a web copywriter can do most of his or her job independently, a UX copywriter is an important part of a UX team, which is usually composed of web developers, graphic designers, marketing professionals, and product managers. UX writers closely collaborate with the team to get in-depth knowledge about their target clients and to discuss how to adjust and improve writing style to be more useful and relevant.

4 Benefits that UX copywriting can do for your brand


Humanize your brand. 


Fast and efficient customer service is supposed to be easier today with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI). However, who wants to talk to machines? Customers prefer to talk to humans. This is possible through effective UX copywriting where the writer can design a unique personality for a chatbot by carefully adjusting the tone and direction of the conversations. A chatbot with a human touch can gain the trust and confidence of clients and ultimately creating a great user experience. 

Enhances relationship with clients.


Any business that wants to survive should work on building customer relationships. UX copywriters can make this aim easier as they design their writing to cater to the needs of the users. Using a tone and voice that is in tune to the preference of the clients shows that a brand is taking concrete steps to reach out to the customers. This effort will likely lead to brand loyalty. 

Results to better ROI. 


Good UX copywriting complements the whole UI (user interface) design of an online platform such as an  ECommerce website. As the goal is to provide a copy that helps the user navigate a site or use a product, it also increases the chance to convince a client to complete desired goals such as purchasing a product or sharing a link. Overall, a great UX team should result in more conversions and higher revenues. 

Gives a competitive edge.


It cannot be denied that creating a seamless user experience (UX) is the present and future trend in digital marketing. Thus, brands that wish to stay relevant should start exploring ways to be a master in UX development, which includes UX copywriting. Investing in a competent UX team would make your brand more competitive.

Do you need customized content to promote your brand? Copywriting is but one of the many services that the Birch River Design Group can do for your business. Along with content creation, our team in Scottsdale, Arizona can also handle the branding, UX design, and SEO of your firm. We can also handle your online ads and social media campaigns. We cannot wait to plot the most suitable digital marketing strategy for your firm. Call us and arrange a meeting with our team today!

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Success in social media marketing takes creativity, tenacity, and commitment. The job can be stressful with social media managers striving to keep their online pages running and their followers interested. With the huge influence and popularity of sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all your hard work will likely be worth it. A recent study from Smart Insights indicated that 90% of people included in the survey are using social media platforms to reach out to a company.

However, with so much to see online, it is easy for a brand’s social media campaign to go unseen. The fact that various social media platforms are constantly upgrading their platforms makes online marketing even more difficult. To help a brand reach its marketing goals, social media managers should be looking for ways to further improve their strategies. The following are some tactics that social media managers can use to keep their pages on top of the game as the new year rolls in:

Post more video content.


It doesn’t take a genius to know that more people prefer video content. Live and pre-recorded videos are currently dominating social media pages. In an article published by Quartz, a Facebook executive predicts that content posted on their platform will be entirely videos by 2021. This means that social media managers who do not want to be left behind should start learning and mastering video marketing

Explore Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Technological advancement is showing no signs of stopping and things that are seemingly impossible before will soon be a reality. People are now able to be instantly transported inside webpages with the introduction of virtual and augmented reality. In social media, VR and AR is an exciting feature to explore. There are endless possibilities for platforms to utilize this technology. Therefore, social media managers should start looking for ways on how to incorporate it in their content and tactics.

Consider social media localization.

The focus of online marketing today is on enhancing the user experience. One good way to do this is through localization. This means adjusting content to fit the culture and language of the target audience. Adapting localization can make social media pages sound friendly and accessible to people. It will likewise give you a tremendous edge over other pages.

Incorporate social shopping.

Social shopping is one of the newest terms in the e-commerce landscape today. Users of this method are given the chance to directly purchase a product through a social media site. Due to the convenience of this online shopping trend, expect social shopping to grow at an accelerated rate. Since anyone can share or recommend an item or deals with their friends, it becomes easier for a client to trust and purchase a brand. Thus, brands using social shopping in their social media strategy can expect increased ROI.

Social media management may seem cool and trendy but it is definitely not easy. It is a job that requires multiple skills and involves numerous tasks. Among other things, social media managers need to think about content to share, metrics to analyze, and reports to finish. Do not let all these online tasks overwhelm you by employing the help of Birch River Design Group, a reliable digital marketing agency in Scottsdale, AZ. Our team of competent professionals can take care of all your social media marketing needs. Contact us today!

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A brilliant marketing campaign can do wonders for a business in no time. It can promote brand awareness, bring in customers, and increase revenues. Moreover, the successful run of an ad campaign can further enliven and ignite a team’s motivation to dream big and achieve more. In reality, though, not all attempts to reach out to your target clients get favorable results.

In ECommerce, the chance for failure becomes higher as the competition continues to intensify. A report from EMarketer predicts that the money firms will spend on digital advertising will reach over $375 billion by the year 2021. As online and offline campaigns can be quite costly, you surely would not want your investments to go to waste. If your firm has been enjoying the fruits of a great marketing tactic, you would like to keep that lucky streak going. The following are four tips to ensure that your campaigns would not just be one-hit wonders:

Stay vigilant.

Marketing campaign performance fluctuates. Therefore, constant monitoring is a must for each and every ad you run. A high-converting ad can be transformed from a low-performing one without any warning. However, if you are regularly mindful of the metrics your ads are showing, you can easily spot the areas where you may need to do some adjustments to prevent the campaign from losing its appeal. Campaign monitoring reveals essential information about your customer’s behavior which you can use to further improve your campaigns.

Keep on improving.

You cannot expect a marketing campaign giving high click-through-rates (CTR’s) today to stay that way forever. The figures are bound to drop anytime as people’s interest in it wanes. This is why it is important to keep on finding ways to further enhance your campaigns. You can use the insights you gather from studying your customer’s preferences to tweak your ads. To continuously run a successful campaign, you need an attitude that always strives to be better than the best. With an attitude that never settles down even if your campaigns look almost perfect, your brand will stay fresh and interesting to consumers and serve your competitors a plate full of dust.

Advertise on various channels.

To get optimum returns on your investment, you do not want to lay all your eggs in one basket. Digital marketing today offers various channels where your brand can get exposure and it is best to take advantage of that. You can place marketing campaigns on Facebook, Google, or Instagram. You can also try running ads on YouTube or send out email campaigns. Trying out several channels can be costly but in the long run, it is a good way to determine which channel should you prioritize and focus on. Another thing, being seen in as many channels as possible will help your brand become familiar to many.

Seek reliable partners.

Networking is something that will never run out of style. Even in the online world, having amicable partnerships is something that will likely be beneficial for your marketing campaigns. Thus, keep your eyes open for firms or individuals that can help propel the growth of your business. To expand your audience reach, you can propose an ex-deal with popular influencers. Forming partnerships with other firms that are not direct competitors will help solidify the wall you are trying to establish for your brand.

We are living at a time when digital marketing is already the norm rather than an option for firms that wish to reach out to as many clients as possible. However, the dilemma is that not all firms have the skills and knowledge to carry out a well-thought-out brand marketing online. So how about having a reliable digital marketing agency at your back? Our dedicated team can expertly execute and monitor your online campaigns while you can conveniently focus on enhancing your products and services. Contact us, the Birch River Design Group, today!

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Marketing is a dynamic field, an area that continuously evolves and adapts to the changing times. True enough, the way people promote and sell products from years ago is starkly different from the tools, platforms, and methods available today. As the competition in online marketing continues to intensify, new ways of marketing tactics keep on emerging. Changes are happening at such a fast pace that we must keep up with the latest trends and innovations. If you are looking for a way to succeed in E-commerce today, omnichannel marketing is a term to know.

What is omnichannel marketing?

In omnichannel marketing, online sales transactions are made much easier and convenient by providing a seamless experience to the user in various channels. In an omnichannel approach, products and services are available on different platforms. These platforms can be a physical store, a desktop pc, or a mobile device. Clients have a smooth, hassle-free experience all throughout the sales journey despite the various channels. From browsing products to the actual purchase and follow-up transactions. For example, customers can browse a sales catalog using a desktop, then choose products to order later on using a mobile device. Clients can then make the actual purchase by visiting the physical store.

Multi-channel or omnichannel? What is the difference?

Omnichannel marketing strategy is often confused with another tactic – the multi-channel sales approach. Its similarity makes many people assume that they are one and the same. However, one way to understand the omnichannel strategy is to know how is it different from the multi-channel tactic. Businesses employing a multi-channel approach create and maintain their brand’s presence in different channels and platforms. Here, the products are available to the clients in as many channels as possible. Yet it does not guarantee that the experience with a product on one channel will be the same on another channel. Whereas, omnichannel marketing ensures that no matter which channel the client chooses, the sales experience is never confusing or disrupted.

What are the benefits of utilizing an omnichannel strategy?


For brands that refuse to be left behind, omnichannel marketing is a great strategy to invest time and effort on because of the following reasons:

  • It can tremendously increase profits.

The main aim of omnichannel marketing is to significantly improve customer service. Every transaction is as efficient and rewarding for clients as it can be. If done right, an omnichannel experience can lead to satisfied customers that will most probably come back to purchase again. As it fosters brand awareness and customer loyalty, businesses can likewise expect their profits to go up as well.

  • Improves workflow processes.

As the omnichannel strategy improves the customer experience, it can also simplify and hasten business processes within the organization. A client can go to a brick and mortar store and show the product he or she wants to purchase from a mobile device. A store staff would then just need to get the customer data to locate the product the clients wish to buy. Omnichannel combines processes and information from different channels so it becomes easier and faster to complete transactions.

  • Provides valuable data to create better campaigns.

Omnichannel marketing tracks the customer throughout the sales journey and collects important data along the way. It reveals information such as the device used, the products searched, and products purchased. Exporting these data for analysis is a way to further personalize the marketing campaigns of a brand. It can also give insights as to which channels are the most effective for ad campaigns and which ones need improvements.

The rise of the Internet and digital technologies brought about significant changes that greatly challenged old forms of advertising. Although print media, TV ads, and outdoor billboards still exist, businesses with a growth mindset are now actively exploring the wonderful possibilities of digital marketing. Venture into the world of online marketing by having a reliable guide and partner such as the Birch River Design Group. Our digital marketing team based in Scottsdale, AZ can help you plot and implement the best online marketing strategy for your brand. Schedule a meeting with us today!

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Savvy web developers will never deem a business website as fully complete and functional without installing a monitoring tool. This is because they understand that business success and data analytics go hand in hand. With an efficient system to gather metrics about a website’s performance, web marketers can easily gauge if their marketing tactics are working or not.

Figures and data can also provide insights to better understand the behaviors and preferences of your visitors. Regular monitoring and analysis of website stats can also lead to innovative ideas that can further enhance the online platform. However, to truly benefit from the wealth of information you can gain from marketing analytics, you first need to know the metrics to look out for. As a start, using web monitoring tools such as Google Analytics should help you give valuable answers to the following questions:

How did the visitors find you?

The visitors on your business website can come from various channels. It can be through a search engine’s result or via a social media post. People can discover you through an online banner ad which is part of your pay-per-click campaign. It is also possible for a user to directly access the URL of your page. You want to know how your visitors arrived at your site. Knowing this information can help you understand your traffic sources and plan a wise strategy. You can invest more effort in sources that drive the most visitors or plot solutions to improve those that give minimal traffic.

What are your visitors searching for?

A site search bar is a useful function because it helps users find the information they need. It can also give web marketers insights about what people expect to find on your website. Web monitoring tools provide a list of the keywords/terms people used while navigating your site. This information can be a helpful guide when determining the content that can enhance the user experience aspect of your website.

What is your most popular page?

One of the most important things to take note of is the page that is getting the most number of hits on your website. It can be the most popular product in an E-commerce site or the most viewed blog on a business website. It can also be a page with the most conversions. Upon identifying these pages, you can examine the factors contributing to its success. Moreover, you can use the insights you’ll learn to improve underperforming pages on your site.

Why do they leave?

Some web visitors land through a webpage but abruptly leave without clicking any link on the site which is known as a bounce visit. A high bounce rate signals a red flag as it means that the site is failing to meet its goals. Other users navigate the site but then fail to successfully lead to conversion page which is the exit page. You want to examine these pages on a site to understand what causes users to abandon a page.

Creating an E-commerce or business website site takes great effort, but the real work starts once the website is up and running. However, website maintenance and development will be so much easier with the help of Birch River Design Group, a digital marketing agency in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our team will gladly explain all the services we can offer your company. Do not hesitate to schedule a meeting with us today!

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of any digital marketing tactic. Your online campaigns are unlikely to succeed without basic knowledge of how search engines work. However, the process of optimizing web pages to achieve a high ranking on a search engine results page (SERP) is not something you can learn in a day. Moreover, implementing SEO best practices can also be time-consuming and exhausting.

A good solution to this predicament is to seek the services of a competent SEO agency. An SEO expert can guide the online marketing tactics of a firm in the right direction. Along with minimizing risks for failures and mistakes, it can increase a campaign’s chance for success. In spite of its many benefits, it is still common for business owners to wonder if hiring an SEO agency will be a good investment. However, staying indecisive may mean delaying opportunities for tremendous growth and development. Although the need for an SEO agency will depend on the unique circumstances of a company, it can give a firm a considerable advantage. Some of these benefits are listed below:

Benefits of Hiring an SEO Agency


· Boost lead generation tactics.

SEO agencies have the expertise and experience to carry out a successful SEO campaign. This can give a greater online presence for your business. As your company becomes more visible in search engines, you can also expect more customers to discover you. Aside from bringing in more clients, your favorable search engine ranking position can also result in suitable leads for your business. The boost in your lead generation efforts and increased availability to clients will also increase the potential to rake in more profits

· Provide quality content.

Investing in digital marketing is a long-term commitment. An e-commerce website or a social media page needs regular content to stay relevant and competitive. However, coming up with unique and valuable content is not always feasible. Fortunately, content creation is often one of the SEO services that an agency provides. A team of SEO specialists can devote more effort to develop useful content that can help maintain your online strategy

· Complement branding efforts.

SEO managers know the importance of creating an impressive layout and content for your business. This is because your target clients will likely equate the quality of your web presence to the kind of products or services you can give. A well-thought-out SEO campaign has the potential to reach millions. Therefore, tremendously improving the reputation of your brand in no time.

· Fuel continuous growth and improvement.

The field of online marketing can be very challenging especially for firms that already have tons of tasks to deal with. To ease the workload and get better results, they can simply delegate their digital marketing needs to an SEO agency. With a team of web marketing experts on their back, they can focus their energy on innovation and expansion which can further drive business growth.

· Provide valuable data and analysis

SEO specialists use various tools to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns. As they convey the results of their monitoring efforts, a business can gain insights about their client’s behavior and needs. They can use those insights for profit-generating ideas and improving their services.

Are you seeking a reliable partner to help you achieve your business goals through digital marketing tactics? Our team in Scottsdale, Arizona, Birch River Design Group can offer solutions and guidance to fuel your firm’s growth and success. Contact us today!