3 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing has been around for years, so it is easy to doubt its relevance in a field that constantly emphasizes the need to follow trends. Moreover, newer options to advertise through digital means, such as social media or video marketing, seems to be an easier way to reach out to a wide audience. So comes the question: Is it better for web marketers to stop sending email blasts? Is it better to instead put more effort into other forms of online promotion? Apparently not, since data coming from stats and surveys suggest that email marketing continues to be a powerful way to promote offers and find customers.

Is email marketing still effective?

According to a study done by Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B (business to business) marketers consider email marketing as an extremely important part of their strategy. Meanwhile, SupplyGem’s comprehensive list of the 101 most important email marketing statistics reveals that 59% of customers say marketing emails influence their purchases, and almost 60% of customers say marketing emails influence their buying behavior. Statista also reports that the number of email users is growing at a rate of 2.35% every year. With these figures, firms that undermine the impact of email marketing are throwing away a great opportunity. Brands that send emails to subscribers may have found a strategy that has stood the test of time. However, this doesn’t mean there is no room for change. To further explore the benefits of sending email campaigns, digital marketers also need to adapt to the changing times. The following are ways to introduce innovations and upgrade your email marketing strategies:

Email personalization.

People generally skim through a list of emails to choose messages to open or discard. This means that aside from crafting a wonderful message, web marketers should also add elements that will encourage the recipient to open the email. One thing you can try is email personalization. Making people feel that a certain email is custom-made has been proven to be an effective tactic. This ensures your email blasts will not be wasted. A study done by Aberdeen showed that personalized emails increase click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversion rate by 10%.

Mobile optimization for email campaigns.

SupplyGem reports that 41.9% of emails are being opened through mobile devices today. The said figure can even increase as more people access online sites through their smartphones. Therefore, it is important to ensure that an email marketing campaign looks readable on various devices and operating systems. To ensure that mobile optimization is in place in email campaigns you can use a responsive template and minimize the number of images.

Automated emails.

The amount of e-commerce sites grows each day and the buying and checkout process can be long. There is a high chance that a user abandons the cart and disappears just before the transaction is complete. The good news is, the latest technology provides a way to make the users come back through the use of automated emails. Use triggered emails to make new subscribers feel welcome or as a way to request customer’s feedback. Sending automated emails is a way to increase customer loyalty, engagement, and conversions. This makes email marketing campaigns a vital factor in your advertising strategy.

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Written by Susie Eddins
Published on June 8, 2020
Filed Under: Email Marketing