5 Ways to Come Up with Content Ideas for September 2021

Posted on August 11, 2021 by Carmela ObarCarmela Obar

Everyone runs out of content ideas once in a while. You’re going along, producing, and feeling creative, and then, suddenly, you run out of ideas. You’re stuck. You desperately search for inspiration. As a business owner, content creation is usually costly and exhausting. This means that staying on top of the game and keeping the audience interested requires a constant stream of brilliant ideas.

The problem is that there may be days when you struggle to think of something unique to offer. It can be frustrating and alarming. Do not fret, you don’t have to find a magic spring where you can simply scoop up fresh ideas whenever you need to. By being resourceful, observant, and intuitive, you will never run out of novel concepts to boost your content strategies. The following are some great ways to gather new content ideas:

Set up Google alerts

Be notified about the latest content available in your niche by utilizing the Google alerts tool. You simply input relevant search terms to track and start getting email alerts from Google right away. As an automated tool, you may not find every notification as relevant but you can still find sources that can serve as references for your new content.  This can speed up content creation as you save time on research!

Check out internal search queries and the search engines

The internal search functionality in your website reveals topics that people want or expect to see on your site. Check this data in your Google Analytics account to see queries that are not yet available on your site. You can also use this to know the topics that you should provide more. Creating content based on these queries will also improve the user experience of your site visitors.

You can also get content suggestions from search engines themselves. Whenever you type in any keyword in Google or Yahoo, notice the suggested search terms they offer. These suggestions are based on popular or similar keywords so it gives an idea of content that people are searching for.

Browse Answer The Public

One good website to check out for content ideas is Answer the Public. This automated tool will get you results about the questions that people are searching for about the keyword or terms you entered. This information is said to be a combination of data from Google and Bing search engines. Based on the results you will get, you can list down potential ideas for new topics to create.

Spy on your competitors

It always pays to be curious about what your competitors are up to. For content ideas, you can monitor the social media page of the top businesses in your niche to see their most popular posts as well as the least-liked. This lets you see the type of content that easily gets likes and shares.  Likewise, you can think of ways to improve their least liked posts and come up with better content. You also want to keep an eye on the ads that your competitors run. The content they choose to boost is usually the one performing well. This can give you an idea of a topic to focus on. Another easy way to see the best content of your competitors at a glance is by signing up for the email newsletters.

Ask your subscribers/followers

People dig content that seems tailored for their needs and interests. This is why thorough knowledge about your audience is vital in content marketing. Get to know about your followers by asking about their opinions on certain topics. You can also get insights into their worries and interests through surveys or interviews. Without directly asking your audience, the comments sections of a blog or social media post often contain hordes of clues about topics people wish to see. You should also pay attention to any emails/messages you get from people because you can turn their inquiries into useful content.

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