6 Free Website SEO Tools Every Small Business Should Have

Statistics show that around the world, an estimate of 547,200 websites are being created every day and about 4.4 million blog posts are published daily. These figures can make the task of search engine optimization (SEO) sound extremely difficult and complicated. When the internet is crowded with content, how can you quickly optimize your website to get high search engine ranking, enjoy huge organic traffic, and give a great user experience? Fortunately, there are useful website SEO tools that can help make your goal to have an SEO-friendly website a lot easier. 

Google Analytics

This is the one tool you cannot afford to forget if you want to monitor the performance of your website. This remarkable tool tracks the number of site visits, visitor demographics, visitor behavior, the type of devices used, and virtually everything else you need to know about your website. It even allows you to do split testing on your webpages as well. Split testing can help you determine the design and layout that generates the best engagement for conversions. The best part is, Google Analytics is free!

Soovle Keyword Tool

Want to see long-tail keyword suggestions coming from various search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and YouTube all in one place? Soovle makes this possible. This easy-to-use tool makes your keyword research process a lot simpler and faster. It is perfect for breaking the habit of using the same words in your content. You can also use it to gather fresh content ideas.

Yoast WordPress Plugin

If you use a WordPress site, making sure that each piece of content you publish is optimized for search engines becomes effortless with this incredible website SEO tool. Yoast SEO clearly tells you if your content will get a thumbs-up from the search engines. Aside from making sure that each blog post you publish has appropriate keywords in the title, URL, and meta description, the plugin also analyzes your content and offers “readability” suggestions to make your text as reader-friendly as possible.

Panguin Tool

SEO specialists and web developers are always on the lookout for algorithm updates because of the huge impact it can have on a website’s ranking and overall traffic. This makes a tool that analyzes your search traffic based on the launch of a recent Google update very useful. With Panguin Tool, you will know right away if your website has been hit by an algorithm change. The tool also allows you to implement the right measures to help your site recover.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

With Google’s mobile-first indexing rule, Google’s Mobile Friendly Test can help you secure a top spot in the search engines results page. This tool will let you know if your website is displaying correctly on mobile devices. You simply type in your website’s URL and you get an instant assessment for mobile-friendliness. You can also opt to read an in-depth report about your website’s mobile usability. The tool displays the pages on your site with loading issues as well.

Google PageSpeed Insights

People online have tons of options to click and browse. That’s why you shouldn’t expect them to wait around if your website is slow to load. Even a delay of a few seconds can make you lose site visitors. Google PageSpeed Insights helps you avoid losing potential leads, revenue, and engagement. Page speed is a top ranking factor. Search engines use page speed in assessing a webpage, making this nifty tool a must. With this tool, you get a free guide that can help you fix issues that are causing slow-loading pages.


Getting your firm online is one of the best marketing moves you can do for your small business today. But the decision to explore the latest available website SEO tools is likely to help your small business stay even more ahead and competitive. Do you need more necessary tools to boost your website’s performance? Read The 9 Best WordPress Plugins for Content Marketing for more insight. 

Written by Carmela Obar
Mela has a degree in Secondary Education and is a licensed teacher but her passion for words and literature led her to pursue a career in writing. With extensive copywriting experience up her sleeve, she can easily tweak and adapt her writing style to match any genre or industry. Her stints include writing and editing a 100-page published guidebook.
Published on October 28, 2020