6 Key Steps in Crafting a Surefire Social Media Strategy

To say that social media marketing is a hot business trend to try is no longer an accurate statement. With a report published in 2018 saying that there are about 80 million business pages on Facebook, using social media for business growth has actually become the norm. Still, blindly jumping into the digital bandwagon without a clear set of plans and tactics is not the route to take for entrepreneurs who wish to benefit from a thriving social media presence. For your Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube pages to bring positive results, a clear cut social media marketing strategy is necessary. To help you conquer the social media world, keep the following pointers in mind.


Define your objectives.


Laying out your reasons for building a social media platform is the first step towards achieving your online marketing targets. Do you want a web page where prospective clients can quickly send inquiries? Or maybe you want to build up a particular image for your brand? Defining your goals is important because it will set the direction for all your social media efforts. Knowing your goals will also define the purpose of your business page. For goal setting to work to your advantage, remember to set realistic and achievable objectives. It is also good advice to set a definite time frame for your goals.


Gain in-depth knowledge about your audience.


Who are the people who will use your social media channel? What are their interests and concerns? How old are they and where do they live? You need to dig information and create a profile of your target clients before you even start building your social media presence. Every little detail about your target market matters if you wish to create a social media platform with a high engagement rate. Likewise, it will help you make a wise decision on a number of factors that can crucially affect the success of your social media strategy. For one, knowledge about your clients helps you determine the best social media platforms to utilize. This information also helps you set the tone, theme, and style of your content.


Provide quality content.


Give your followers a reason to stay by loading your page with useful and original content. Your social media posts should pique the interest of your clients as well as provide a solution to their needs. People on social media pages come in and out like a flash, so it is important to publish content that sticks in the mind of your audience. If you want to see dramatic improvements in your marketing goals, do not settle for mediocre content. Make an effort to boost your page with appealing content such as stunning visuals, entertaining videos or informative articles. It may be a good idea to hire a team to specifically handle your social media content.


Know your competitors.


Aside from knowing your clients, you also want to know the other social media pages where they are actively engaged. This is because these social media pages are likely to be your toughest competitors. Keep your competitors from stealing your followers away by studying their strategies. Keep a close watch of their moves to maintain your lead or to ensure that your page will not be left behind.  


Track and study your progress.


Social media marketing is a relatively new concept so it can be a trial and error process. Do not ignore the reports and insights that come with social media platforms such as Facebook Page Insights and Twitter Analytics. The data you will gather gives valuable information about how your page is doing.  Some of the information you can discover by thoroughly studying the statistics included on your most liked content or the best time of day to post. Use your discoveries to improve or adjust your strategies and ultimately create a better social media channel for your followers.


Invest in social media tools.

Social media management is far from easy. Since you probably have to handle several online accounts at the same time, the process can be exhausting and time-consuming. Thankfully, there are many tools you can use to make running several social media campaigns a breeze. Tools such as Sprout Social or Buffer will help you schedule and manage posts automatically. Meanwhile, tools such as BuzzSumo or Feedly can help you discover trending topics. There are also apps to help you create videos and infographics for your pages such as Biteable and Visme. Choosing the right social media tool can help give your page a competitive edge over others.


Do you want social media to create a significant impact on your firm’s marketing goals? It is a goal with so much potential for success if done right, but can drag your firm to the pit of failure if done the wrong way.

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Written by Susie Eddins
Published on March 15, 2019
Filed Under: Social Media