7 Tips To Improve Your Product Images To Get More Sales
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7 Tips To Improve Your Product Images To Get More Sales

Carmela Obar
Carmela Obar
7 Tips To Improve Your Product Images To Get More Sales

Shopping online has quickly evolved to be the norm for society, and it is likely to stay this way for years to come. Statistics confirm this with a recent report saying that out of 7.8 billion people worldwide, 26.28% (about 2.05 billion) are now choosing to buy online. However, the rise of E-shopping has further levelled up the competition and pressure for Ecommerce websites. This means that web developers need to continuously think of ways to enhance online shopping sites. While there are so many things you can do to attract new customers and generate more sales, one of the most important things you can do is improve product images.

Why is product image so important in an Ecommerce website?

Research shows that 67% of customers in an Ecommerce website consider the product image as a highly important factor in making buying decisions. The same survey likewise states that good product images matter more than the product descriptions and online reviews. So to keep your sales and revenues up in your Ecommerce shops, it would not hurt to follow these steps to improve product images:

Add more photos

You want to entice people to spend money online and you can help them make a wise decision by including more than one picture of the product for sale. We highly recommend being generous with product photos, as one study shows that more product images result in more sales. 

Showcase the product in various angles

Along with adding more pictures, it is best to feature the product in various angles. Online shoppers want to see all sides of a product to be sure that they really want to buy it. One study shows that online images that people can fully rotate up to 360-degree increases conversion rate by up to 27% as compared to static photos.

Present your products in all available colors and sizes

It is not enough to simply state in your description that the product is available in various colors and sizes. Make the experience more seamless by showing shoppers through pictures all the options available to them. In an online shop, a customer may see a dress in white as bland but then find the pink version as the perfect soon-to-be purchase.  

Include your customers

Do you want to add product images that subtly double as testimonials? You can reach out to happy clients who have shared photos of your products on social media. Ask permission to use their images and you can gain an original new image. You are also showing new customers that your product is worth a try. The customer who owns the image is also likely to share your Ecommerce website so you can get discovered by more people.  

Make the zoom option available

We all know the importance of adding clear and high resolution images. You can further make your photos apparent by adding a zoom feature. Some customers may think twice about buying online as they cannot physically hold it, since it is often hard to closely examine the product. By using the zoom feature to improve product images, you can help erase customers’ doubts because they can closely examine the product.

Optimize your images for the search engines

You can use your product images to drive visitors to your site by optimizing your images for the search engines. Among others, image SEO (search engine optimization) means adding important keywords in the image file name, using responsive images, and adding image sitemaps. You also do not want to use images that will slow down page speed. Likewise, you do not want to violate any law by only using images that you have permission to use.

Show a product demo

Consumers appreciate valuable information so they would likely welcome a step-by-step image showing how your product works. Along with the images, it is also a smart move to include a video demonstrating how to use your product.

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