Beyond SEO Strategy: 3 Things That Matter More Than Traffic & Ranking

A successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is one of the things that a digital marketer takes note of when assessing the success of a business website. After months of diligently following and implementing the best practices and techniques, it would be so fulfilling to finally see your website ranking in all your target keywords. This development will likely make you look forward to seeing the many benefits that a high ranking in Google’s search engine results page (SERP) would bring such as a huge number of web visitors and conversions.

But what happens if your excellent SEO strategy is solely bringing traffic and nothing else? A top spot in SERP is never a guarantee for an increase in profits. Therefore, seeing a high number of visitors yet low conversion rates in your metrics is undoubtedly a red flag. It means that although you are excelling in your keyword research and meta tags, you are definitely neglecting other areas of digital marketing. Strengthen your SEO strategy and achieve your marketing goals by developing the following areas: 

Understanding your customers. 

Marketing in any form starts with knowing who your customers are. Thus, taking time to understand the needs of your customers should be done alongside keyword research and other SEO strategy techniques. In the first place, the success of your keyword research will also depend on how well you know your customers. As you gain more knowledge about your customers, you also discover ways on how to be of better service to them. This will lead to a better relationship with customers that will, in turn, result in brand loyalty and handsome ROI. 

Building your UX (user experience).

Your initial goal is to bring in web traffic through high SEO ranking. However, the end goal should be to let your visitors stay. Then, convince them to perform desired actions and come back for more transactions. This is an impossible goal if your ECommerce website is slumped with issues such as slow-loading webpages, confusing navigation, and poor-quality content. Thus, your SEO strategy will likely see better results by focusing more on the usability of your website. Make it a goal to provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience (UX) and see conversions rolling in.

Introducing your products or services.

While plotting an SEO strategy to improve or maintain your Google ranking, do not forget to take a look at how well you are presenting your products or services on your website. Instead of simply introducing your products, highlighting the benefits that it can give the users is a better approach. Moreover, the persuasive copy about the product should be supported. These supportive materials will further show a client how relevant or effective a product is. Examples of these are product images or client testimonials.

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Written by Sam Barraza
Sam Barraza is a Copywriter and Editor for Birch River Design Group, she specializes in SEO copywriting for digital assets and content creation, as well as proofreading, editing, and email marketing. Sam enjoys writing and reading fiction in her spare time - always with a strong coffee in hand.
Published on December 11, 2019