Are Your Call-to-Actions Driving Results? Tips for More Appealing CTA’s

The digital world offers a modern, creative and efficient way to fully market a product or service to a wide audience. Moreover, online advertising is relatively cost-efficient compared to traditional forms of marketing such as print or outdoor advertising. Digital marketers, though, understand the tough competition they need to face in order to fully take advantage of all the wonders that technology can play in boosting a company’s revenue. One important element that is crucial in the success of any online marketing strategy is the proper application of calls-to-action!

What is a call to action?  

Call to actions (CTAs) are powerful statements that are meant to incite a favorable response from your target clients. It is a crucial part of any lead generation strategy as it directs a user to do specific actions that will aid in the attainment of certain goals. You can see examples of call to actions on an e-commerce website, in online marketing, a blog post, and email marketing. It is that “click here” or “sign up button” on a website’s homepage. It can also be short phrase or sentence in an e-newsletter inviting you to subscribe to an irresistible offer.

The gist is that a CTA can be used in different ways and come in various forms. Creativity has no limit when it comes to constructing a CTA that will generate leads for your business. But how can you be certain that your call to action has the power to catch the attention of your prospects? Call to actions are a great tool you can use to persuade clients into doing an intended action, but there is also a big chance that your CTA will be ignored. To construct a high-converting CTA, digital marketers make an effort to incorporate the following elements.

Personalize it.  

For a call-to-action that successfully leads to conversions, it should first grab the attention of your potential lead. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a personal touch to an email subject line. When a reader browses through an email list, an individual is likely to look twice at the email with his or her name in the subject. This is confirmed by a study done by Experian Marketing Services that states an email with a personalized subject lines increases open rates to 29.3%. Another report published in Hubspot said that personalized CTA’s perform 202% better than default counterparts. You can personalize a call to action by making use of the available data you have about your email subscribers or site visitors. It may take some effort and you may need to use a special tool, but a personalized CTA will be worth it.

Use a strategic location.

The location is another crucial factor to think about If you want your call to action to get clicks that lead to conversions. People’s attention spans are shorter than ever, so a CTA should obviously be placed in a location that users will instantly notice. The opinions of digital experts differ when it comes to suggesting the best strategic location for your call-to-action buttons. Some may suggest placing it in the middle of a web page, while others say it is best situated in the left corner.

Some would reason that people scan a webpage in an f-shaped pattern so a CTA button placed above the fold works best. This is the part of the web page that users can easily see even without scrolling. To determine the best location, a digital marketer can do a little experiment by placing a CTA button on various locations of the page for a time period. The location that gets the most clicks and conversions is then the perfect spot for your CTA buttons.

Optimize CTA by enhancing its appearance.

Colors and style matter a lot in designing and optimizing CTA buttons. So if your web visitors are ignoring your CTA’s, you may want to pay attention to its appearance. For one, your call-to-action image should appear clickable or else potential clients will not click it at all. If your CTA is a phrase or sentence, you may want to present it in a different font color and size to encourage clicks. You should also consider the shape and size of your CTA buttons. Your visitors may not miss an oversized CTA but it may look too imposing and turn off users. Carefully think about the design of your CTA image to so it blends naturally with the website, draws attention and looks appealing.

Call to actions are important elements in any digital marketing strategy. If you want to see excellent digital marketing results, you should work with a team of professional experts like us- Birch River Design Group! You can easily reach out to us by filling out an online form, emailing, or giving us a call. Contact us today!

Written by Susie Eddins
Published on December 28, 2018
Filed Under: Pay-Per-Click