Campaign Success For Facebook Ads

Facebook offers firms of all kinds and sizes various ways to grow their businesses online. With over 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook is a vital site to promote a brand and win new clients. One way to maximize the potential of this social media giant for your business is by creating Facebook Ads. Figures even reveal the continuous rise of Facebook as an effective advertising platform. According to the latest stats from Facebook, more than 6 million businesses are currently using their platform. This is a significant rise from their 2016 stats when there are just 4 million companies using Facebook to run ads.

However, the sheer popularity of this social media site does not guarantee that the ad you run here will be successful. Just like any online campaign, creating Facebook Ads would need a great strategy. Running poorly-planned ads would likely be a waste of time and money. To make sure that each and every ad you run will be an income-generating venture, it pays to know the best practices in creating Facebook Ads. Some of them are briefly discussed below:

Take advantage of Facebook Ad targeting.


Sending your message to the wrong people is a common mistake. Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy for advertisers to reach their target audience. Through their ad targeting feature, you can choose and set a list of factors such as age range, interests, and location to define your target audience. This way, you can ensure that your ads will only be shown to relevant users. However, be reminded that successful use of the ad targeting feature will depend on how well you know your target clients.

Complement a great visual with a compelling message.


The primary aim of your ad is to capture the interest of your audience. Thus, aside from coming up with a visually appealing ad, it should also include a captivating message. Examples of ad copy that can work well for a Facebook Ad are those that talk about positive customer testimonials and exciting deals for clients. This kind of content can be more effective because the focus is on the benefits that the clients will gain from the product. Including a strong and clear call-to-action can also increase the click-through rate of your ad.

Try using video ads.


Video content is rising and there is no limit to the number of ways you can use it to help a business prosper. Social media users are now seeing video ads in their feed. Your brand can jump in on this trend by publishing video ads as well. To increase the potential success of your video ads, do not forget to keep best practices in video marketing in mind.

Do split testing of ads.


Sometimes you cannot really tell which ad will be successful until you start running it. This is why continuously monitoring the performance of your ad campaigns is integral. of being a Facebook. Aside from checking and analyzing your click-through rates, you can also do split testing of ads. This is a great way to gain useful insights into which type of ads work.

Watch out for updates.


Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has undergone changes and introduced new features so many times. As a platform that is consistently finding ways to improve their services, Facebook Ad managers should always be updated. Your vigilance can help give your ads a competitive advantage over others

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Written by Sam Barraza
Sam Barraza is a Copywriter and Editor for Birch River Design Group, she specializes in SEO copywriting for digital assets and content creation, as well as proofreading, editing, and email marketing. Sam enjoys writing and reading fiction in her spare time - always with a strong coffee in hand.
Published on January 1, 2020
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