How Chiropractors Are Getting More Leads

Posted on November 13, 2021 by Connor BearseConnor Bearse

Every conversation we have ever had with a medical provider, ie chiropractors/dentists/surgeons, is centered around the need for more leads. It's the lifeblood of the business.

Ongoing marketing is great, and incredibly important, but booked appointments are and always will be the #1 metric any stakeholder in these businesses cares about.

This means when we start working with a new chiropractor, dentist, doctor, surgeon, etc we need patients in the door as soon as possible. Not much else matters. 

Social media is great, but generally, only people who live within 50 miles of these locations will actually do business with them (and that might even be pushing it). So getting 1 million views on TikTok isn't exactly helpful when 99.9% of those views came from people who could never actually do business with them!

That means lead generation is always step number one.

The following email is what the front desk of one of our Chiropractor clients receive:

Chiropractor New Patient Appointment Request

and a few moments later like clockwork from the front desk...

Chiropractor New Patient Appointment Scheduled

These leads are all within the geographic region that this chiropractor does business with, and all are real people who need help. These aren't people who are "kind of" interested in the service offered, these are people requesting appointments. All that's left to do is for the front desk to reach back out and book the appointment into whichever system you are currently running. Our client is currently using ChiroTouch with great success.

Over a three-month period, we were able to provide 143 of these inbound appointment requests averaging $75 per lead. The best part is that since we utilized their home page and created a killer user journey, another 100 or so appointment requests came through this system. These were both new and returning customers, but taking less friction away from someone who needs an appointment, and someone getting an appointment is the goal here.

This is what our inbox looks like for the advertising spend:

Chiropractor New Patient Appointment Requests List

Let's Scale Your Chiropractic Office

Are you looking for more inbound requests for appointments? Building a list of real phone numbers and email addresses in your area of people who want your service? While we do not compete directly in the same market as any of our current clients, if you own a brick-and-mortar medical services operation - we would love to talk to you!

This isn't guesswork - we're running this right now and would love to utilize our system for your practice. Click here to reach out to us today. 

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