Basic Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Facebook Business Page

With the latest statistics showing more than 2.27 billion active users, Facebook is truly an invaluable partner for businesses and organizations worldwide. The popularity of the social media giant presents huge opportunities in promoting and growing a specific brand. However, a successful Facebook business page that positively complements your marketing strategies is not as simple as creating an account and posting status updates.

Almost everything is available on Facebook, so creating a business page that will capture the attention of your target audience is more challenging than ever. Smart digital marketers create a successful Facebook business page by keeping the following tips in mind.


– Do’s –

Build a complete and impressive profile.

Your Facebook page is a reflection of your brand. It is a must to pay attention to the appearance and content of your social media profile. To create a good impression, take time to complete your profile with essential information that your followers will find useful. Along with an adequate “About Us” write-up, do not forget to list your contact details as well. Make an effort to beautify and customize your page, too. Leverage the power of social media in building a brand by displaying a cover photo and profile picture that defines your brand.

Add a personal touch to your strategy.

Social media, particularly Facebook, is a hit because it has made connecting with others tremendously easy. Businesses can tap into this potential by creating a Facebook page that aims to reach out to their followers. It may be a business page, but you should strive to convey your authentic desire to converse with your audience. You want your customers to feel that they are dealing with a human being even if you are using an online platform. You can do this by adjusting the tone and content of your posts to the needs of your followers.

You can foster a personalized approach by posting content that your followers are interested in and can relate to. To encourage interaction, avoid a page that sounds too formal and businesslike. You can liven up a conversation by asking your followers to share their opinions or ask questions. Keep the conversation going by posting prompt and appropriate responses.

Study your Facebook Page Insights

In-depth knowledge about your followers is a must in creating engaging content. Take a look at and study your Facebook analytics for data that can help you gain valuable insights about your customers. It will also help you discover why some posts are popular while others only get a few likes You can use the data in analyzing your follower’s behavior and in your content marketing and Facebook advertising efforts.


– Don’ts –

Don’t be insensitive in your posts and responses.

Your Facebook page is public, so be responsible for everything you post. Some issues are likely to spark a debate or misunderstanding such as those concerning politics, religion or gender. You can still create a post around these topics, but make sure not to offend anyone. It is also not recommended to use your page to share personal gripes. Keep things professional and set boundaries by not posting any content that aims to malign or attack anyone.

Don’t post without editing.

Once you hit the “post” button, the statement you make in your feed is hard to erase or take back. So it pays to be careful by proofreading each post. As they say, “Always think before you click”. Make sure the content you are sharing is accurate and true in order to gain the trust of your followers.

Don’t share too often.

Your business page will not succeed if you do not post regularly. However, posting too frequently may annoy and turn off followers. Schedule your postings at timely intervals to stay visible and active in the news feed without flooding it. A social media calendar can help you manage the frequency of your postings.

Do you want to build a thriving Facebook business page? It is a goal every business should have because social media is one of the fastest ways to reach out to potential clients. By optimizing your social media page, Birch River Design Group can help turn your Facebook followers into business clients! Take a step towards boosting your company’s growth by giving us a call or sending an email!

Written by Susie Eddins
Published on December 7, 2018
Filed Under: Social Media