Effective Email Subject Lines for Your Campaigns

Did you check your emails today? Chances are, you did not bother to open all the new messages you received. The most likely scenario is that you skimmed through your inbox and only chose the ones that you think are worth reading. Your judgment can be right or wrong, but what is certain is that your decision was greatly influenced by one vital part of any email marketing campaign – the subject line.

How important is your email subject line?

Stats continue to prove that subject lines are crucial in any email campaign. A recent survey from Convince and Convert shows that 35% out of your email recipients will judge if your message is worthy to be opened based on the subject line alone. If that is not bad enough, 69% of your recipients will label your well-crafted message as spam based on your email subject.

These numbers imply that if the words or phrases you choose as your email subject fail to make an impact on your recipient, your efforts to create stunning and compelling email content will all be for nothing. This is surely not the result you would like. Therefore, understanding the kind of subject lines that can help make your email campaigns a success is a must.

What kind of subject lines can increase the open rate of your email campaigns?

In general, your email subject lines should stand out from a sea of other emails vying for the attention of your intended reader. You can achieve this by using subject lines with one or more of the following elements – catchy language, personalization, urgency, concise copy, and a captivating idea. The said characteristics are further explained below:

Personalization matters

Addressing your customers in a more personal manner is always a gem in any marketing strategy. A Mailchimp report serves as proof, saying that a subject line that includes the full name of your recipient registers a higher click-through rate than those that only use the first or only last name. Personalization also means your subject lines should correctly relate to the needs and concerns of your recipients. For example, you can send an email reminder to a subscriber who abandoned a shopping cart in your eCommerce site.

Short lines work best

It is futile to make your subject lines lengthy. This is because most email service providers can only display up to 60 characters.  Thus, for your subject line to be displayed completely, it is best to keep it brief yet concise. Moreover, a report shows that email subjects containing six (6) to ten (10) words register the highest open rate (21%) followed by those with zero (0) to five (5) words that get a 16% open rate. On the contrary, subject lines with 21-25 words get the lowest open rate at 9%.

Pique your audience’s curiosity

Would you open an email with a subject line that looks predictable and generic? Certainly not, so to enjoy a higher open rate, you need to use lines or include keywords that will pique the curiosity of your recipients. It is advisable to be creative by adding an element of mystery to your subject lines. You can include a teaser or a question about interesting information waiting inside. A few examples of lines you can use are the following: Did you know?, You won’t believe this!, and What is this proven element for your business success? You can further make your subject lines interesting by adding valid figures about an unbelievable story.  Still, remember that along with getting your readers curious, you also want to gain their trust so be careful not to make your subject lines appear spammy.

Give an urgent offer

Tell your readers that opening your email will be worth their time. You can do this by including words that show there is something in it for them.  It means your email campaigns will likely be a success by including words such as free gift, freebies, or discounted in the subject lines.  Along with a great offer, you can further convince the recipient to immediately open your email by adding a sense of urgency to it.  Thus, some of the recommended words you can use include: Get this now, Today Only, and Expiring Soon.

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Written by Carmela Obar
Mela has a degree in Secondary Education and is a licensed teacher but her passion for words and literature led her to pursue a career in writing. With extensive copywriting experience up her sleeve, she can easily tweak and adapt her writing style to match any genre or industry. Her stints include writing and editing a 100-page published guidebook.
Published on August 5, 2020
Filed Under: Email Marketing