5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Social Media Agency

Social media successfully created a convenient hub for consumers and businesses to meet and interact.

In this digital age, when posting and viewing social media statuses are a part of everyone’s (almost) daily habit, social media marketing is clearly a field that entrepreneurs cannot afford to ignore. For one, popular sites such as Facebook and Instagram offer endless options to market a product. Be it brand awareness, event invitations, product launchings, or promotional advertisements – you can now do it all on social media!


In order to maximize the growth potential of your campaign and make it instantaneous, it is advisable to seek the assistance of an experienced and excellent social media agency. Therefore the challenge for firms that want to venture into social media is to find the best agency that perfectly matches their brand’s goals and needs. To do this, thorough research of an agency’s competence and background is necessary. Make sure to ask the following questions to be certain that a social media agency can efficiently handle your marketing needs.


Why should we hire your agency?


Social media agencies sprouted along with the rise of social media platforms making it harder to make the right choice. Minimize your chance for a mistake by challenging the agency to prove their worth and competence. To convince you to hire their services, allow them to present their edge over other agencies offering similar services. They should flaunt their accomplishments by showing examples of past clients who have achieved success in social media through their help.


What are the social media services you can provide?


Social media marketing is a wide industry that is continually growing. Some agencies handle advertisements and campaigns while others provide content for social media pages. There are also agencies that offer everything related to social media. It is best that you understand the services that an agency can provide for your firm right from the start. Since social media can branch out to many other fields, you may want to inquire about the areas the agency is specializing on. This will help you decide if the agency is the right one for your firm.


What is your concrete plan to build the social media side of our company?


A reputable social media agency does more than offer vague promises. Their pitch should have a solid and long-termsocial media marketing strategy specifically for your business. They can only do this by conducting a thorough consultation with your firm to gain insights about your history, services and objectives. Even if social media agencies are supposed to cater to various industries, they should present a customized plan for your business. A detailed social media strategy should state the steps they will take as well as the tools they will use.


Who are the people who handle your social media marketing?


Even if you hire an outside agency for your social media campaigns, your firm should still be closely involved in the whole process. Before inking a partnership, you may want to get acquainted with the team who will be in charge of your social media marketing needs. This is one way to check the skills and competence of the people who will be running your social media ads or posting status updates for you. You are free to choose a social media agency that can boast of an experienced and professional team.


Will you report progress and measure success?


The agency should set a number of goals to meet as well as a time frame for its completion. To monitor their activities and assure you that they are working towards your goals, the agency should  send a regular report of their progress. The contract you sign with the agency should state exactly how they are planning to send these reports. They should also set clear metrics for them to assess if their strategies are working or not.


The questions listed above are just general questions you can ask to get in-depth knowledge about a social media agency. You are free to inquire any other concerns you may have to a prospective agency before signing up with them. The questions you ask should give you confidence that you are dealing with a quality agency.


Nowadays, social media is one of the best places for your business to be! But to build and maintain a thriving Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn page, professional help from a competent team such as Birch River Design Group can make all the difference. Our hardworking team genuinely wants your business to succeed. Our passion for digital marketing and our hardworking team will bring smart solutions for your social media needs. Give us a call today!

Written by Susie Eddins
Published on March 8, 2019
Filed Under: Social Media