Four Lead Generation Ideas to Win More Clients

With great strategy and hard work, marketing can be very rewarding. However, you cannot expect the road to achieving success in this field to be smooth and easy. To survive and succeed, marketers should be ready to face stiff competition and great challenges. One of the most difficult challenges for a marketer is lead generation. With customers having more options online, winning more clients is getting even harder for digital marketers. On the other hand, the Internet provides endless opportunities for creative and smart marketers who want to increase their number of leads online. The following are some lead generation ideas that you can incorporate in your digital marketing strategies:

Use videos.

The 2019 stats from Oberlo claims that 87% of marketing professionals are using videos for marketing purposes. However, it is not enough to simply create and upload videos. Knowing the best practices in video marketing and a bit of innovation can go a long way in boosting your lead generation campaigns. One way to ensure that you get the contact details of your viewers is by embedding a sign-up form while the video plays. Adding a strong CTA (call-to-action) message at the end of the video can also work. Another way to use videos is by holding a series of webinars to hold free lessons or training.

Host a contest or giveaway.

Lead generation involves engaging with your target clients, capturing their attention, and gaining their trust. You can easily do all of it by holding fun contests or exciting giveaways. People would usually not bother to leave their contact information if there is nothing in it for them. However, a chance to win a prize or score a giveaway will help convince them to spend time on your campaigns. It is likewise important to implement wise tactics to increase the chance of seeing a surge of leads through contests. An example is by giving something valuable for each participant so everyone feels like a winner.

Set-up a referral program.

The success of your lead generation efforts increases with the number of people who know about your business. Since they say that word of mouth is the best form of advertising, starting a referral program can greatly fuel up your lead generation campaigns. Try offering an incentive for people who will refer you clients to your business. You may just see a dramatic increase in the number of qualified leads.

Gain positive reviews on other sites.

Positive testimonials from your clients can do wonders for your firm and stats can prove it. According to BrightLocal, 82% of consumers read online reviews to learn about local businesses. The same survey also said that a consumer usually reads about 10 reviews before developing trust for a firm. Thus, encouraging your customers to leave reviews will likely be to your benefit. Aside from posting reviews on your site, you can also ask your clients to leave testimonials on third party sites. This tactic increases your site visibility and increases the chance to be discovered by new customers.

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Written by Sam Barraza
Sam Barraza is a Copywriter and Editor for Birch River Design Group, she specializes in SEO copywriting for digital assets and content creation, as well as proofreading, editing, and email marketing. Sam enjoys writing and reading fiction in her spare time - always with a strong coffee in hand.
Published on January 15, 2020
Filed Under: Lead Generation