Four Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Improve Your Business

Your flourishing startup may make you feel like your small business is keeping up with the times. Yet with the intense competition in the market, you cannot afford to just keep up with the trend. To lock in success, you have to lead the way instead of copying and following tactics. For this reason, firms that want to stay ahead are not afraid to try the latest innovations. One of the most remarkable breakthroughs to try today is in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).


What is artificial intelligence?

This technology enables machines with human-like intelligence and skills, revolutionizing almost all aspects of the future society. With AI technology, robots and devices can now take on duties that previously only humans could do. These machines can outperform humans in terms of speed, accuracy, and efficiency. These factors make others view AI as a threat or something to be afraid of. Despite the debate and doubts on how greatly AI can impact the future, there is no denying that this technology is here to stay.


Why use artificial intelligence?

Business leaders can ensure their companies are future-ready by embracing AI technology.  Among other benefits, artificial intelligence can solve business problems, hasten an organization’s workflow and simplify processes. You can expect all these benefits to of course lead to tremendous profits. Artificial intelligence presents opportunities that is open to all industries, so a firm that ignores the latest discoveries and sticks to old ways is bound to miss out on all the benefits. The lists below are just some of the reasons why companies should start implementing AI in their operations and strategies:


Supports a creative and happier workforce.

Some essential tasks in the office are repetitive, boring and time-consuming. Employees who clamor to finish these duties likely have no extra time or energy to get their creative juices flowing. With the help of AI software, firms can now easily automate repetitive tasks such as data encoding and payroll management. As you delegate these duties to a bot, you can now assign more profitable tasks to your staff. These are tasks that can exercise their creativity and can lead to even more innovations in your business. This way, firms are supporting the professional growth and development of their staff. As a bonus, AI automation can even remove stress from the workplace.


Provides smart data and insights.

Market fluctuations can positively or negatively hit an industry. The uncertainty of market conditions makes decision making a difficult task for firms. To avoid a loss or failure, business decisions such as market expansions and major investments can be lengthy and costly as firms take time to research industry forecasts. With the help of artificial intelligence, firms can employ a software that can quickly gather and analyze desired data. Firms can use the valuable data to gain insights about customer behavior and possible industry changes, resulting in smart and informed decisions.


Enhances and amplifies marketing strategies.

With automated data gathering and analysis, you get a peek inside your customer’s actions and understand their behavior. Your insights can also lead to discoveries about a new group of clients to target. The knowledge you gain from it will be useful in crafting or improving your promotional campaigns.

As artificial intelligence can be programmed to perform various tasks, you can even use AI technology to test and compare the effectiveness of various marketing tactics.


Facilitates faster and more personalized customer service.


Responsive and proficient customer service is a must in order to build a good brand image. Still, efficient and real-time customer service is a tough promise for firms because it means employing additional members of your workforce. AI technology, though, has made 24/7 customer service an easy reality. With chatbots that can give instant replies, your firm can literally be at the beck and call of clients. The technology can even allow your firm to gather details about the user and personalize their service.


Is your business ready for the future? If you are not yet exploring the benefits that artificial intelligence can do for your firm, you may not be able to give a positive response. Let Birch River Design Group guide you on how to take advantage of AI technology. Our team can assure that your investment in AI technology is worth it! Contact us today to inquire about and discuss our varied professional services.


Written by Susie Eddins
Published on January 18, 2019
Filed Under: Marketing Strategy