How to Choose the Best SEO Agency for Your Firm: Ask These Questions!

For all of the wonderful benefits that await a business with a high search engine ranking, it is no wonder that the number of companies clamoring to build a strong online presence is rapidly increasing. In fact, a forecast report from a research firm Borrel Associates claims that search engine optimization (SEO) will be an $80 billion industry in America by 2020.  Although the said report assures that investing in SEO services is a smart strategic move for a firm, it also entails the surge of agencies promising to help a company land a top spot in search engines like Google or Bing. As you venture into digital marketing, the first challenge your firm is likely to encounter is how to differentiate a reputable SEO agency from the bogus ones.  

These days there are so many agencies offering all sorts of SEO services. So what are the factors that you need to look out for when choosing a team that can craft and implement a winning SEO strategy for your business? To assure a wise investment and avoid mistakes, it pays to be meticulous. The following are some of the questions you should ask before making a deal with an SEO manager.

Who are their past clients? What are the outcomes of the SEO tactics they did for past clients?

One good way to delve into a company’s history and background is by inquiring about their past clients.

An SEO company with a list of satisfied clients is a good sign that you are dealing with a firm that can deliver positive results. Aside from flaunting their accomplishments, they should also be able to demonstrate and explain the types of SEO services they rendered for them. These inquiries will give you an idea if they can indeed be an asset to your online marketing tactics.

Do they understand the nature of your business?

A digital marketing agency with clients from various industries should not have their expertise limited to a certain field. They should be flexible and able to adjust to the specific requirements of a firm. It is, however, comforting to discover that they have handled clients with businesses that are similar to yours. This means that they somehow have an inkling about the nature of your business and may have brilliant ideas to contribute.

What are the exact steps they will take to improve your search engine ranking?

Any firm can make a number of promises in order to entice a potential customer. However, a legitimate and quality SEO agency focuses on presenting specific action plans to help a company achieve its goals.  If they can offer concrete solutions to the woes that your website is experiencing, it means they spent genuine effort to study your website (even your competitors).

Only after a thorough analysis of all the problem areas in your online marketing tactics can they then start plotting solutions. Is your business website not getting any organic traffic? They may take steps for content marketing and link building. Does your webpage have a high bounce rate? Then they may suggest changes to your on-page SEO strategy.

How will they measure and report the progress and results of SEO campaigns?

Regular meetings to discuss the progress of their SEO efforts should be a big part of the overall SEO plan of your business. A comprehensive report detailing their actions as well as its outcomes will let you see that they are indeed doing the important work. It is also a way to know which strategies work and which don’t.

As you sit in meetings with an SEO expert, you also widen your knowledge about digital marketing. This is important because SEO is a continuous process. Once your contract is done with an agency it is recommended that you have an in-house team to take over SEO marketing.

What are the specific terms of your agreement?

Your partnership with an outside agency to run the SEO needs of your business should be protected with a contract. The terms should specify the services they will render and for how long. A “get out” clause in case you want to cancel or terminate your deal should be in place as well. Another important thing that should be included in a contract is the access to several platforms and tools the agency uses to carry out the tasks for you. The agreement should also specify who has access to websites they are likely to use such as a CMS, analytics, or Google Ads accounts. Some companies will not give you access to any tools they use once the contract ends.

With an expertly executed search engine optimization campaign, a firm can gain a tremendous lead against its competitors. A high search engine ranking for your target keywords will make it much easier for clients to discover and avail of your services. The favorable end result is fast growth and huge profits for your business. However, for your firm to reap the rewards of a successful SEO strategy, you need to partner up with a team you can trust such as Birch River Design Group. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and skills to help you maximize your investment in SEO marketing. Get in touch with us today!

Written by Susie Eddins
Published on February 15, 2019