How to Stop Losing Followers & Gain Them Instead
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How to Stop Losing Followers & Gain Them Instead

Carmela Obar
Carmela Obar
How to Stop Losing Followers & Gain Them Instead

Huge number of followers, likes, and engagement – these are things that any social media marketer would kill to get. These numbers have the ability to increase the success of any social media campaign. Getting many followers also gives your brand a considerable advantage over competitors. Thus, for a social media manager one of the first goals to tackle is most often to increase the follower number of an account. Still, the work never stops once you have successfully garnered a substantial number of likes or followers. Following and unfollowing a social media page can be done with a single click. So the large number of followers you have today can quickly dwindle down to nothing if you do not apply the proper tactics that will convince them to stay. The following are ways to gain followers on social media, common reasons why people unfollow a brand, and the things you can do to turn the situation around:

Tips to gain followers in your social media channel.

Fill your page with informative and entertaining content.

A study done by Sprout Social in 2019 states the top reasons why people decide to follow a page in social media. The first is to learn more about the products and services of a business. The second is to be entertained. The study also shows the importance of posting content that your target audience will find relevant and useful. You should be posting content that will help your target clients get to know your business and product more, all while being interesting so people stay.

Display your social media buttons

To gain followers, make it quick and easy to follow your page and social media content. An easy way to do this is by adding social media buttons on your website. It is also a good idea to add social media icons in every content or marketing material you publish, whether online or offline. Make sure that your social media buttons are easily noticeable and lead to the right link when clicked. For offline marketing materials, you can include a QR code that people can easily scan to follow your page instantly.

Connect with influencers

One way to find your target audience is by keeping a close eye on the popular influencers in your niche or market. If you are running a health supplement business, your prospects are most probably following influencers that promote healthy living. You can follow these influencers and share their content on your page. This tactic is likely to encourage the influencer to follow your brand and share your content as well. In the end, the influencer’s followers may discover your page and follow you too.

Tips to help your social media business page avoid losing followers

Be active and consistent.

Consistency is a major key to attract new followers and to keep existing followers on your page. People are bombarded with so much content in social media that if your posts are few and far between they can easily leave your page and follow a new brand. To gain followers, it is a must to regularly post content that your audience will find interesting and useful. Likewise, your page will benefit if you make it a goal to respond quickly to comments and queries.

Let self-promotion take a backseat

Are you posting regular content yet still losing followers? It is probably because you have been sharing too much self-promotional content. This is the kind of content that highlights the features and achievements of your brand or business. While self-promotional content can help your audience get to know your brand, overdoing it can make you posts appear like an advertisement. A study says that self-promotion can even make a customer lose trust in a brand. Your social media campaigns will have more chances to succeed if they contain varied and interesting posts. This isn’t to say you can’t post self-promotional content, but make it a priority to add content that focuses on captivating your target customers’ interests.  

Do not over-automate your page

Automation has made it so much easier for online marketers to manage one or several social media pages. While it is wise to use this technology to keep your business pages active, overdoing it can backfire. People may appreciate the quick response of automated bots but anyone would still want to talk to real humans. Since people crave real connections and real conversations, an over-automated page can be a turn-off. To benefit from the automation technology, it is best to balance the use of bots with real human interaction. 

A social media page without followers can be likened to a car without wheels, it will never run. So if your small business is struggling to gain enough followers and engagement in your social media page, you will surely benefit from seeking the assistance of Birch River Design Group. Our digital marketing agency based in Scottsdale, Arizona can take care of your social media marketing so your brand can have a strong online presence.