How to Write a Headline That Stands Out

Would you agree that going online can sometimes feel like facing a series of dilemmas? With so much content out there, choosing where to click or what to read can be quite confusing. Often, a few words will be the sole basis of your decision – these words are known as the headline.

How important is the headline?

Various data suggests that headline writing may be the most important part of your content marketing strategy. One survey by shows that 8 out of 10 people only read the headline. Meanwhile, a study by the University of Columbia says that 60% of people on social media share content and leave comments just by relying on the headlines. Moreover, an experiment conducted by Science Post wrote a post with lorem ipsum content but under a catchy headline. The piece was shared 46,000 times. Evidently, many people read and share content based on headlines alone. Digital marketers need not wonder why they need to pay close attention to their headline content. The following tips have been proven to help marketers win in the war of headlines

Proven Tips To Make People Click Your Headline

Trigrams invite clicks

In a study analyzing 100 million headlines, Buzzsumo concludes that the most engaging ones are those that contain trigrams in the middle of the title. The top three trigrams are the following: will make you with 8961 shares, this is why with 4099 shares, and can we guess with 3,199 shares.  According to the study, the presence of the above trigrams in a headline invites clicks because it can be used to state the benefits that one will get from giving the content a try. The trigrams also imply that the content will have a direct impact on the readers.

Use brackets to clarify

Aside from trigrams, your headlines may also perform better by adding brackets. This is according to a Hubspot study saying that out of 3.3 million paid headlines, those with brackets that serve to further explain what the content is about perform 38% better than those without it.

You can use the brackets to indicate the type of content the audience will get; whether it is a webinar, an infographic, or a video. It can also be used to inform who are its target readers (e.g. whether an article is intended for a B2B or a B2C audience.) This simple addition can signify that the brand or business is ensuring readers will not be misled by a wrong headline. One possible long-term effect of this tactic is gaining the trust and respect of your audience.

Use the words “list” and “you”

For content that gets more likes and shares, you may want the headline to include the words “list” and “you.” A study published by CoSchedule in which they analyzed almost 1 million headlines, found out that list posts are very popular. Headlines with the word “list” get to be shared more than 1,000 times. Including words that allow you to speak directly to readers such as “you” and ”your” can also entice interaction. In comparison, headlines with “I,” “we,” and “me” are less likely to be shared.

From conceptualizing, strategizing, sharing, and promoting; content marketing is indeed a long and tedious process. There is even a chance that you will neglect a crucial aspect such as the headline. You can make your content marketing initiatives easier and more effective by partnering with Birch River Design Group. We are a digital marketing agency in Scottsdale, Arizona that aims to empower small businesses by leveraging the latest online tools and technology. We are offering a no-obligation consultation so your firm can relay your concerns and inquiries. Reach out to our team today.

Written by Carmela Obar
Mela has a degree in Secondary Education and is a licensed teacher but her passion for words and literature led her to pursue a career in writing. With extensive copywriting experience up her sleeve, she can easily tweak and adapt her writing style to match any genre or industry. Her stints include writing and editing a 100-page published guidebook.
Published on September 30, 2020
Filed Under: Content Marketing