PPC: 4 Important Factors For A Landing Page That Converts

Landing page optimization is an important area to focus on for digital marketers who want a great ROI (return of investment) for their online marketing campaigns. A Hubspot study even shows that creating more landing pages for an ad campaign increases the number of leads by 55%. Thus, giving your landing pages an upgrade can greatly increase your chances of launching successful pay-per-click (PPC) ads. The following are four important factors in crafting a highly-converting landing page for your PPC campaigns:


Simplicity is one word to keep in mind when creating a landing page for your PPC ads. This means avoiding lengthy texts and elaborate design elements that can overwhelm and confuse your users. The ad copy on the landing page should be short and concise. It is also best to include just a few essential clickable links (such as a call-to-action button) so the users will not get distracted. One way to keep the landing page as simple as possible is by focusing on the main goal of the PPC campaign. 


A well-optimized PPC landing page should match the content presented in the ad. When people click on an ad they find interesting, they expect something similar on the landing page. Thus, you will end up disappointing prospects if the content of your landing page is different from what is advertised. It can also breed distrust and turn customers away. Also, it would help if the landing page matches the color and design elements of the PPC ad.


If your PPC ad is getting thousands of clicks but not generating any conversions, you may have to look at the user-experience journey it is providing. People today are always looking for ways to speed up things. You can easily lose prospects with slow-loading landing pages. Likewise, it is unlikely for a user to stick through a registration form with too many fields to fill out. Therefore, it is recommended to continually look for ways to improve the usability of the landing page. Increasing page speed and limiting the number of fields in a form are a few things you can do. You can also create multiple versions of your landing pages and conduct A/B split testing to have a clear idea of layout and content that works best.


One question to ask about your PPC campaign is – what will your users get from visiting your landing page? People will likely leave as soon as they arrive if they do not see anything valuable in it for them.  Avoid high bounce rates and win clients by offering something that will encourage them to stay on your page and perform the desired action. It can be a free-book in exchange for leaving their email address or a discount coupon for signing up on your site. Your offer will depend on the content of your PPC ad and the interests and concerns of your target audience. 

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Written by Sam Barraza
Sam Barraza is a Copywriter and Editor for Birch River Design Group, she specializes in SEO copywriting for digital assets and content creation, as well as proofreading, editing, and email marketing. Sam enjoys writing and reading fiction in her spare time - always with a strong coffee in hand.
Published on February 19, 2020
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