Social Media Stats to Shape Your Strategy in 2021
Social Media

Social Media Stats to Shape Your Strategy in 2021

Bryanna Norris
Bryanna Norris
Social Media Stats to Shape Your Strategy in 2021

Let's talk about what LinkedIn is used for, the emerging video market, why hashtags are failing us, and whether or not Social Media even pays off. 

Bite-Sized Content Is King

Businesses found innovative ways to weather the storm that was 2020, and the push to prioritize social channels became evident. Social media giant, Facebook, noted a 70% increase in app usage, while bite-sized content king, Tiktok, was dubbed the most downloaded app of 2020.

Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram are the preferred social channels for young people. From live streams to reels, it became clear that if you wanted to reach your customers, the time to direct your efforts toward creating an effective social media strategy is now. Instagram Stories are used over 500 million times per day.

With 3.96 billion people spending their time online, brands responded by finding creative ways to engage their customers on social media. 

Approximately 70% of consumers believe that larger companies have a special responsibility to make the world a better place, and 66% having an improved perspective of businesses who’ve stepped up during times of crisis. Businesses used this as an opportunity to bring their corporate responsibility to the forefront by showcasing how they’re implementing changes for the good of both the customer and their employees.

Video Marketing Is on the Rise

Social media video generates as much as 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. With an average of 8 billion views daily, video content on Facebook as well as other platforms, has become a preferred media format for users.

However, simply replacing your current media strategy for video won't guarantee success. 73% of consumers want to see videos on social media that are “entertaining.”

Nearly 85% of viewers have stated a preference for watching videos without sound. So, when incorporating video content in your campaigns, improve your engagement by disabling the auto-play feature and adding subtitles.

Branded Hashtags Aren’t Always Effective

Using hashtags is a popular method used by social media marketers when launching campaigns or promoting content. This tactic can help people discover your brand, increase site traffic, and bring in new clients. 

Unfortunately, a study done by Visual Objects suggests that using a branded hashtag may not be bringing the results you want to achieve. According to this report, 75% of people are unlikely to share a post with a branded hashtag. 

Out of 10 survey respondents, only 1 engaged with a hashtag campaign within the last 3 months. It is suggested that brands can get better results by asking users to share their reviews on third-party websites.

LinkedIn Is the Preferred Channel for B2B Marketers

According to the 2020 Content Marketing Institute report, LinkedIn is the top choice for B2B marketers when it comes to distributing both paid and organic content:

  • 95% of marketers used LinkedIn to organically distribute content. 
  • 76% of B2B content marketers chose LinkedIn to advertise their paid socials or sponsored posts. 

Another survey from Hubspot cited LinkedIn as the most effective channel for lead generation, with the conversion rate for the site being three times higher than Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Pays Off

If you’re still wondering if creating a social media strategy is truly worth the effort, check this out:

It’s no secret that social media can greatly influence purchasing decisions. According to Sprout Social’s 2020 Index: Above & Beyond:

  • 89% of consumers expressed their willingness to buy from a brand they are following online. 
  • 75% of respondents also say that they tend to spend more when buying from a brand they follow. 

Creating an effective social media strategy is far from easy. Yet, it can be done with the support of a reliable and competent digital marketing agency. Our team, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is ready to share important business insights and sound marketing advice.