Social Media Trends to Utilize for an Effective Marketing Strategy

Enterprises, whether big or small understand the important role that an active social media presence plays in their marketing plans. Although social media provides a new form of advertising, it has also made the competition tougher. With so many people swarming in social media platforms today, a mere online presence would hardly be enough for companies that aim to attract more sales or retain existing clients.   Moreover, popular online networking platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram continue to introduce innovations that it is a challenge to keep up with the changes. Nonetheless, an effort to monitor and explore the benefits of using the latest social media trends can be one of the most essential marketing strategies for businesses today.

Take Advantage of Facebook & Instagram Stories

Giant social media channels recently came up with a brilliant way to highlight a user’s post and create an urgency for others to view it with “Stories.” A 2018 article from the TechCrunch website says that Facebook Stories has 150 million active users while Instagram has more than 300 million. With this number, it seems safe to say that firms that are yet to use this feature are missing out on a lot.   For one, “Stories” elevate the impact that a regular status update can make because the post stays above the rest of the news feed for 24 hours. It is, therefore, a great avenue to increase brand awareness and to promote new products. To design an impactful social media campaign, it is advisable to study the distinct features and the characteristics of each platform. For example, reports are saying that businesses are not so active in Facebook Stories, so posts here are likely to get greater exposure. Meanwhile, younger people dominate Instagram users so it is probably the most appropriate platform for brands that cater to the youth.

Dive into the Trend of Live Video Marketing

Videos have always been a popular source of entertainment but as it turns out, the appeal of live videos are far greater. With Facebook stats showing that 3.5 billion broadcasts have been made since its launch in 2016, to say that live streaming usage is set to further increase is clearly a logical prediction.   Companies should take advantage of this knowledge by thinking of ways on how they can use live videos to their benefit. For an important event or announcement, a live video is an effective way to reach out to more people and to provide instant responses to queries or reactions. It can also be a creative way to present the services of a firm.

Tap into the Power of Influencer Marketing

According to a Nielsen survey in 2015, recommendations from trusted people is the number one factor that consumers consider before making a purchase. This data indicates that aside from investing in traditional ads, companies may reach out to influencers (or people with a large number of followers in their social media) to gain exposure for their brand or service.   People are already bombarded with ads so it is no surprise if no one wants it anymore. The subtle form of advertising through the voice of a social media influencer sounds more genuine so it is likely to grab more attention from the public. An Instagram Influencer’s post also has great potential to convert into sales because the followers look up to them as experts. Since a social media influencer is considered an authority in the field he or she represents, the company can also hire their services to improve their brand.   It does not take a genius to see that social media has become an integral part of the modern man’s world. Social networking channels keep on widening their scope of services, so firms and institutions that wish to thrive in the digitally interconnected world should learn to adapt to the changes.   Fortunately, Birch River Design Group is here to expertly manage your social media channels and build a strong online presence. Contact us today so we can discuss how we can assist in your social media campaigns.

Written by Susie Eddins
Published on October 19, 2018
Filed Under: Social Media