Stand Out with Impressive Web Design

Stand Out with Impressive Web Design

Susie Eddins
Susie Eddins
UI UX / Writer
Stand Out with Impressive Web Design

Ideally, a business builds their website with a list of goals in mind. Firms or establishments would usually target brand promotion and customer acquisition. It will, however, be hard to maximize the advantages of a business website if your online portal looks bland and outdated. It is important to ensure that the website looks clean and modern to enhance the customer experience.

To create a positive impact and outshine your competitors, paying attention to the latest trends in website design and development will greatly help.

Go for the clean and minimal look.

Too many colors and content are bound to distract and confuse your audience, and web designers are now seeing an increasing preference for sites with minimalist themes. So on a custom website, you want to display just the basic essentials and remove all unnecessary features. Basic essentials mean the website’s goals are clearly displayed on the homepage and the structure allows a user to easily navigate a site. Of course, you want to remove unnecessary features such as irrelevant images and content.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal of a simple and sleek look, minimal design will also result in easy website navigation and faster page loading.

Pick vibrant color schemes.

Light color schemes are still a great choice because of the bright and clean vibe it evokes. A mostly white background will also draw attention to the products or features that you want to emphasize in the website. Nevertheless, unconventional color schemes are the trend nowadays. So web designers are encouraged to freely experiment with more vibrant and striking color palettes. You can choose the color schemes that best define the vision and image of your brand.

Opt for unique typography and crisp images.

Your choice of font size and style is important because it can make navigating your site and reading your content a lot easier. Typography can also be used to make a statement about your brand or convey the mood of your website. Large and bold fonts are on-trend because they are incredibly eye-catching. Web developers are also noticing the comeback of the serif font. Meanwhile, some firms may want to use unique font styles as a part of their marketing efforts.

Moreover, people are drawn to beautiful visuals, so your website should provide adequate photography. To use the website to increase sales, it is best to add crisp and clear pictures that allow a user to connect with a  product online.

Design with the user in mind.

You want a business website that will improve your relationship with your clients. While it is important to create a search-engine friendly custom website,  make sure you do not forget to prioritize the needs of your users. To do this, you can install applications that help with functionality that will ultimately enhance the user experience.

Add slides, illustrations, and videos.

Interesting content will capture attention and help you stand out among your competitors. Illustrations that relate to your brand or slides that contain useful data will give you an edge over others and will encourage your website visitors to visit you again. You can also add a background video about your product lines, company history, or recent events.

The appearance and functionalities of your website reflect your commitment to providing quality services. Our team at Birch River Design Group will be happy to create a custom website that will prove to be an asset to your business. Send us an email or give us a call so we can discuss your web design and development needs.