The Best Email Marketing Providers for Small Businesses

Whether for a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) market, your online campaigns will likely benefit from building an email list and sending regular e-newsletters. Having an email marketing strategy in place has been repeatedly proven to complement many marketing goals such as lead generation, customer acquisition, and customer retention. And you know what? Creating an impressive email campaign does not need to be so technical or complicated. With the help of online tools, you can manage email marketing with ease. The following are some affordable email marketing providers that you should consider using for your small business:


Mailchimp is a popular email marketing tool that offers a simple interface for creating your newsletters, making it perfect for email marketing newbies. You can easily set-up and monitor your campaigns as the platform allows users to upload their email lists, design e-newsletters, schedule out campaigns, and set autoresponders. This tool also gives insight into the open and click-through rates of your campaigns – plus a ton of more insight.  You can conduct split testing to improve your campaigns and invite subscribers to join your list through their app. Beginners can try out the platform for free but the complimentary account limits the number of emails you can send per month to 6 and can only list up to 2,000 subscribers. Some of the core functionalities may also not be available in the free version.


Aweber is another all-in-one platform for designing and sending e-newsletters.  It can greatly help you optimize your email campaigns because every newsletter you send is automatically responsive. It means your email content will display perfectly in any device or browser. One advantage in using Aweber is their AMP technology that allows you to include dynamic content in your email message. This allows your recipients to perform specific actions such as answering an invitation within the email itself. The free account allows you to enjoy most of the functionalities but you can only send emails to up to 500 subscribers.


ConstantContact is an email marketing software that is often recommended for small businesses and start-ups. It is because of their packages that make it easy to craft a professional email campaign at a budget-friendly price. With a number of templates to choose from and an editor, you have plenty of options while composing your e-newsletter. It also boasts of a high deliverability rate meaning your message is unlikely to end up in the spam folder. They do not offer a free version. However, members are given a 60-day trial account that allows access to all the software features


Sendinblue is another option if you are looking for a low-cost and user-friendly email marketing tool for your start-up. This tool has various features to help you launch a successful email campaign. This includes responsive templates, email automation, A/B testing, and analysis reports. Its drag and drop editor is also simple and easy to use. You can choose the free version which will depend on the number of emails you intend to send out each month.

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Written by Carmela Obar
Mela has a degree in Secondary Education and is a licensed teacher but her passion for words and literature led her to pursue a career in writing. With extensive copywriting experience up her sleeve, she can easily tweak and adapt her writing style to match any genre or industry. Her stints include writing and editing a 100-page published guidebook.
Published on February 3, 2021
Filed Under: Email Marketing