Three Optimization Tips for a Successful WordPress Blog

The digital arena offers businesses a multitude of ways to market a product and blogging is one of them. Statistics show that many enterprises and small businesses realized this potential and jumped onto the blogging bandwagon. An article that was published in shows that the WordPress platform has around 75 million blogs and websites. According to results from the 4th annual blogger survey, blogging is a creative and cost-efficient strategy to promote a brand or service. According to a survey that was published on Hubspot in 2017, blogging is still a worthy pursuit as it brought efficient results for 84% of bloggers.


But how can one WordPress blog be noticed among so many similar sites in the blogosphere? Starting a WordPress blog is not as easy as picking a platform, installing a theme and writing a few posts. For the most part, consistency, hard work, and optimization strategies are essential to promote a blog that produces strong results. Make your WordPress blog stand out among other blog sites with the following optimization tips.

Choose your theme wisely.

Choosing a theme to install is an exciting part of building a WordPress blog. The WordPress platform made this task easy with thousands of themes to choose from. You can customize your theme so it defines your brand and fits your content. Designing your own WordPress blog from scratch is also an option. Since the theme is like the backbone of your website, take time in choosing one that will help you achieve your blogging goals.


  • Make it look appealing.

    There are several factors to consider in choosing a theme such as the color, appearance, and features. People are drawn to good visuals, so the web design should look appealing and reflect your brand.

  • Ensure speed.

    Another important aspect you should not forget is the loading time of the theme. A theme with too many features may look impressive but may turn out to be slow-loading. You do not want to lose clients because the content of your blog takes too long to load. Enhance the user experience by picking a theme that loads fast.

  • Choose a mobile-responsive theme.

    With the increasing use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, search engine optimization (SEO) experts also suggest using a responsive theme for your WordPress blog. This ensures that your blog stays user-friendly even when viewed on various devices.


Consistency and quality matters.

You cannot start a WordPress blog and leave behind it. After picking a great theme and choosing the best plugins, you need to fill the website with high-quality content. This means providing unique and useful content that your readers would like to share. Search engines evaluate the quality of a post based on its length so the longer the blog post is, the better. Moreover, you cannot write useful blog posts only when you feel like it because search engines favor fresh content. Blogging is hard work, so take into consideration your schedule when deciding how frequent you should post on the blog. To reach more readers, you can share your blog on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Take it easy with plugins.

WordPress plugins provide web designers, developers, and bloggers with various applications and tools to make managing blogs a breeze. Still, installing just about any plugin you can find is not the best practice. Some plugins can slow down your blog, so install only the necessary plugins. You can assess the effectiveness of a plugin by checking its ratings and reading reviews from past users.


It is best to install plugins that will complement your SEO tactics such as the Google XML Sitemap Generator, an app that helps Google index the pages on your blog. Other useful plugins for SEO purposes include the All in One Schema Rich Snippets and Website Optimizer.


Do you want a well-optimized WordPress blog that can do wonders for the marketing efforts of your firm? This is a challenging goal with the sheer number of competitors out there! To ensure the success of your website, work with a team that understands how to design and customize a blog that impressively showcases your product or service. Our team at Birch River Design Group fits that description to a tee. Contact us today so we can start discussing a plan for your business.

Written by Susie Eddins
Published on January 4, 2019
Filed Under: Content Marketing