Top Benefits From Starting a Business Blog

In today’s age, the tremendous benefits that a strong online presence can give to small and big businesses alike has long been established. Building an effective website, launching cost-efficient pay-per-click ads and maintaining an active social media following are techniques that enhance your digital marketing campaigns. However, as the competition in your industry grows day by day, it doesn’t hurt to look for more methods to boost your online marketing. One effective way to upgrade your digital marketing strategy is by blogging.

Why do you need to start blogging?

With the effort involved in creating, managing and growing a blog for your business, it’s not surprising if  you’re thinking twice about investing in blogging. Even if it is a considerably simple and affordable marketing tactic, blogging is a long-term project that requires time, resources and commitment. However, a quick look at the following benefits your business can get from blogging prove that it is worth the extra effort.

Increase website and SEO rankings.

Any brand will find it difficult to support the profit-generation goal of a business without search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Because search engines like Google favor websites with unique, useful and fresh content, maintaining a blog is a surefire way for your website to rank. By increasing your online visibility through blogging, you create an easy way for potential clients to discover your services. According to TechClient, startups experience an 126% increase in leads by blogging. As an effective lead generation strategy, blogging can indeed drive the income of your business.  

Compliment your branding efforts.

Branding plays a huge role in your marketing strategy. Research shows that a consumer’s view and feeling about a certain product/service greatly influences their purchase decision. So aside from creating awesome products and high quality services, a business should first aim to gain the client’s trust and loyalty through branding. Along with other advertising channels, regularly publishing relevant and helpful content to your blog is an effective way to build up your brand image. The overall tone and layout of your blog is also an opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality.

Improve relationships with target customers.

Building a successful business would be impossible without the foundation of a good relationship. This is even harder to achieve if your company appears distant and unavailable. Along with providing excellent service, your business should also be consistently engaging with customers. Fortunately, blogging platforms open a new avenue to interact with your target consumers. You can answer queries, seek suggestions and even invite guest contributors. With a great blog, your company can easily bridge the gap between your company and your consumers.

Build an edge over the competition.

Regardless of your industry, there is a never-ending influx of competitors. But diligent businesses are always on the lookout for ways to stay at the forefront. Exploring the benefits of the blogging world is one way to keep competitors behind you. By blogging, businesses can position their brand as an expert on a certain niche. Moreover, a recent report published in Growth Badger shows 55% of companies now prioritize blog content creation. This further drives home the point that businesses who have yet to start blogging surely face the risk of being toppled by their competition.

Blogging is a great tool that businesses can utilize to enhance all of their marketing efforts. However, just like any endeavor, careful research and a wise strategy are essential. Especially if you want your  blog to create a positive impact for your business. Reap the rewards of effective blogging by letting a team of professionals handle your blogging needs. Our group at Birch River Design Group has extensive knowledge about the ins and outs of creating a successful blog.  Request a meeting with us today for a customized proposal.

Written by Susie Eddins
Published on April 17, 2019
Filed Under: Content Marketing