Top Online Directories To List Your Business in 2020

Advertising plays a huge part in the growth and development of any enterprise. Nowadays, delving into digital marketing is one of the best ways to increase online visibility. The Internet offers numerous tactics to market the products and services of your start-up. If you are overwhelmed or confused about advertising methods, start with an easy way to ensure visibility – by getting your business listed in online directories.

Why do you need to list your small business in online directories?

The history of search engine optimization (SEO) can recall a time when listing your website in online directories was the ultimate way to get backlinks and improve rankings. Back then, the rule was to list your website to as many directories as possible. Today, this is no longer the case. Various updates on search engine algorithms significantly lower the importance of links you get from listing sites. Still, it does not mean that online directories are completely irrelevant. These directories continue to exist because they can produce the following benefits:

Boost your local SEO

One survey shows that 82% of smartphone users use the term “near me” when searching for businesses. This means that optimizing your website for local SEO can ensure that your details will appear just when the customer needs you. Since online directories display business information such as location, having your site here can greatly boost your local SEO.

Offers free advertising space

Online directories offer a cost-effective way to have an active presence on the web. Small businesses need not worry about a limited budget because most online listing sites are free. You can increase your online visibility even if your business does not have a website yet.

Increase customer engagement.

Many online directories provide options for customers to leave a rating or review. It is also often possible to post queries. Queries can be used to open a discussion between customers, other clients, and the business owners themselves. Through these options, a simple listing can be a great way to connect with clients and enhance your customer service. 

Online directories can drive traffic to your website and bring in customers. However, it is no longer necessary to post your information to every online directory available. You can reap the benefits mentioned above by choosing a reputable website that your target audience is likely to visit. To enjoy an influx of clients, leads, and prospects, you may want to secure a spot for your small business in the following online directories:

Google My Business

As the world’s biggest search engine, listing your business here increases your chance to be discovered by as many users as possible. This directory can help increase your organic traffic and may rank higher in the search engines.


It is no secret that Facebook is the social media platform with the largest user base. Creating a business profile is free and will give you a chance to connect to its 2.7 billion users.

Apple Maps

Your business will surely want to take advantage of Apple Maps 23 million users every month. This platform is also the default and preferred mapping app of iPhones and iPad users.

Bing Places

It may not be as popular as Google, but as the default search engine for Internet Explorer, Yahoo, and Edge, stats show that it still gets around 76 million searches a month. Moreover, with most advertisers setting their eyes on Google, your business details have a greater chance to rank higher here.


Why would you want to park your business details in this travel review site? For starters, it can boast of around 490 million unique visitors every month. Even as a free directory, TripAdvisors also has a feature where business owners can easily manage their listings and reviews.


Businesses that want exposure can list their details on Yelp. With around 178 million monthly unique visitors, Yelp is a trusted online directory. Yelp minimizes ad display and also has a feature Yelp reviewer that gives more weight to reviews coming from frequent or established users.


This web and mobile app that helps people find businesses near their location gets over 55 million visitors every month. This online directory is a must for small businesses that want to promote their products to consumers near their area.


Without a good grasp on the virtual promotion of your products and services, your business can seem invisible online. This is just one of the reasons why your firm will likely benefit from hiring a digital marketing agency such as the Birch River Design Group. Recently named as one of the top advertising agencies in Phoenix, AZ by, you are assured that our team has the expertise and experience to upgrade your marketing tactics. Allow us to increase the online visibility of your business. Shoot us a message and request a no-obligation consultation today!


Written by Carmela Obar
Mela has a degree in Secondary Education and is a licensed teacher but her passion for words and literature led her to pursue a career in writing. With extensive copywriting experience up her sleeve, she can easily tweak and adapt her writing style to match any genre or industry. Her stints include writing and editing a 100-page published guidebook.
Published on October 7, 2020