How We Helped The Brockport Doggies Rugby Team Celebrate Their 50-Year-Old Legacy

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A Dynasty in the Making for the
Past 50 Years

Brockport Doggies Rugby has been a notorious leader in the upstate New York region since its inception in the early 70’s. Known for very physical “smash-mouth” rugby playstyle, intense defense, and big hits, they have reigned champions for years – all while forming tight bonds and memories class after class.


Fifty years have passed since the founding team pridefully created the winning benchmark for teams to follow. With each graduating class, members have dispersed throughout the world, creating a need for their own platform to bring them all together for their 50th reunion.
Through use of social media and a smooth user experience, the Birch River Design Group was able to give the look and feel of the team a complete aesthetic overhaul in order to foster excitement for the reunion.


Birch River Design Group’s redesign created an opportunity for merchandise for the event to be made. A website was created to support ticket sales and continually evolving event details. The engineering on the backend of the website allowed for flexibility in sales, promotion and marketing of the event in order to produce the highest turnout possible.
Through high attention to detail, the designers at Birch River Design Group were able to provide a refresh of the logo to supply logo variations for event banners, landing pages, and merchandise. Using our industry relationships, Birch River Design Group also fostered the development of custom animations for the “Doggies Unleashed” event.
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