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Chiang Mai, Thailand – Jun 15, 2018: Iphone 6S With Linkedin App

Growing a business and forming new connections go hand in hand. As you expand your network and services, building partnerships, retaining clients, and acquiring new leads become even more important. Nowadays, social media offers businesses a fast and efficient way to reach out to existing and potential partners. However, the success of your social media marketing will highly depend on the type of online platform you choose.

According to stats, LinkedIn is the best place to focus on if your goal is business-to-business (B2B) lead generation and networking with competent professionals. Of its current 630 million users worldwide, 90 million of them are said to be senior-level influencers while 63 million hold decision-making posts. The numbers also reveal that around 80% of B2B lead generation on social media are being done through LinkedIn. With so many competent professionals all in one place, it is clear that a well-thought-out LinkedIn company page is crucial for your business. The question is, how to leverage LinkedIn to form fruitful partnerships and increase your conversions?


A Few Tips For LinkedIn Marketing


Work on your LinkedIn company page.


It is not enough that you set up a personal LinkedIn profile and then create a company page. You need an impressive company page to increase your chances to stand out in this professional networking site. Taking time to complete your LinkedIn profile is a good start. An eye-catching header image can create an interest in your brand. You can keep a visitor glued to your page by crafting compelling copy that details the benefits you can offer your prospects. With fierce competition and fleeting attention span, it is a must to keep the “About Us” content concise but impactful. You cannot share complete information about your firm on LinkedIn so it is recommended to include a direct link to the firm’s business website or conversion page.

Use the showcase page.


LinkedIn has an amazing feature for companies that offer multiple products and services – the showcase page. This feature allows firms to create separate pages for each of their unique products and services. Aside from making their page look cleaner and organized, their followers can likewise quickly identify and choose the pages they are interested in. For the firm, the showcase page also serves as an efficient way to segment their followers and to create content targeted for a specific group.

Take advantage of groups.


LinkedIn is a vast network. However, you can make it into a smaller circle by joining groups or forming a new one. LinkedIn groups are a great way to find companies that are within the same industry or profession. Since you have gathered your target audience inside this group, the chance for your marketing pitch to achieve positive results greatly increases. Also, this community becomes a hub to stay updated with the latest news about your market and for exchanging opinions and knowledge. Moreover, forming your own group is also one way to establish your company as a leader in your niche.

Share quality content and engage with your audience.


As with any other social media platform, relevance and consistency are important. You need to regularly reach out to your audience by posting quality and valuable content. Remember that the type of content you share on your LinkedIn page reflects the quality of service you can deliver. It is also a must to use LinkedIn as a platform to build a good relationship with your followers. Thus, do not forget to answer inquiries or reply to comments.

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Richmond, Virginia, Usa -30 May 2019: Tiktok Including Musical.l

TikTok, a video-sharing app, was launched in 2017 and in merely two years has gained over 500 million users worldwide. With 1.8 billion users worldwide, the mobile app SHAREit has its own fair share of users. With stats saying that Google Play Store has about 2.8 million apps available for download, there is no doubt that the two apps mentioned above got quite a number of things right in their mobile marketing strategies. For online marketers who wish to achieve the same success, it pays to examine the reasons why TikTok and SHAREit managed to achieve massive success in a short period of time. The following are some digital marketing lessons we can learn and emulate from TikTok and SHAREit:

Digital marketing techniques we can learn from TikTok:


Utilize best video marketing practices.

TikTok leverages the popularity of video content by following the best practices in their app. The videos on this platform are very short (not more than 60 seconds). This is to cope with the shortening attention span of people. It’s cool features allow a user to add a variety of effects such as dialogues, emojis, and images to make the videos highly entertaining.

Prioritize user-experience.

Creating videos can sound intimidating with the notion that it will require complex and technical skills. TikTok manages to remove this fear because the app makes video content creation extremely easy for anyone. You can share a finished video to your network with a few clicks. With simple instructions and short processes involved, TikTok further becomes a valuable app.

Define your target audience.

TikTok provides a great example that knowing your target clients is a central factor in the success of any marketing tactic. This video-sharing app is primarily available in mobile platforms because TikTok obviously targets the younger generations who are predominantly using smartphones.

Digital marketing techniques we can learn from SHAREit


Provides fast and easy access.

Similar to TikTok, the SHAREit app is compatible with all IOS and Android devices. By not making it exclusive on a particular device, the app has successfully maximized its audience reach. SHAREit can also attribute its success for being fast and user-friendly. Anyone can download and use the app in no time, creating a positive experience with the users. SHAREit also supports the localization of content as the app can be accessed in 45 languages.

Solves a problem for the users.

SHAREit identified a common problem for many – how to manage and share a massive amount of files quickly. Since the app provides an easy solution to this plight, it is no surprise why its number of users skyrocketed impressively. Aside from making it simple and easy to share videos, documents, and images, the app still works without Wifi as it automatically shifts to Bluetooth when the Internet connection is not available.

Launching a tech start-up is exciting because of its great potential for quick and immense success. However, it is hard to be noticed and succeed with such fierce competition. One of the best tactics to use is employing the help of an expert and reliable partner such as the Birch River Design Group. Our digital marketing agency based in Scottsdale, Arizona can plot online marketing solutions based on the unique needs of your firm. Do not hesitate to contact our team for any inquiries. We are also active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram!

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Chiang Mai, Thailand – July 6 2018: Woman Hand Holding Iphone Wi

Will a social media post be as interesting if you cannot see the number of likes it has received? Will sharing content be as fun and exciting if details about the followers who clicked the like button are hidden? These are surely questions that Instagram wants to answer due to the recent news that the social media giant is including more countries in the ongoing test to see the effects of hiding likes.

According to reports, the social media platform with over a billion users started hiding likes in April this year. In this Instagram experiment, users can still like a post but the like counts can only be viewed by the owner of the account itself. Instagram began this test in Canada then continued with six more countries. Namely; New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, Ireland, Australia, and Italy.

The experiment is not in any way concluded, as the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosser just announced during the Wired25 conference held in San Francisco last November, that the test is now gearing up to include users from the US just before this month ends. With stats saying that more than 500 million people are using the site every day, this update is surely big news. The following text attempts to provide information as to the reasons behind this move and the impacts that this possible change may bring:

Why does Instagram want to hide likes?


As they say, “there is strength in numbers,” and social media is a perfect place to prove this universal truth. In social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, success is measured by the number of likes, comments, and shares. More than a place for sharing and communicating, social media has become a place for seeking recognition and approval. The delight of seeing the number of likes in your Instagram post climbing up is one of the reasons why social media is addictive. However, while a high number of likes presents vast benefits for brands and individuals alike, the obsession to get more people to click that thumbs up button leads to many problems as well.

A study done by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and the Young Health Movement (YHM) showed that Instagram is one of the reasons for the mental health issues of young people today. This research does not seem to sit well with the people behind Instagram. The social media platform began to contemplate the possibility of hiding likes for the welfare and benefit of their users. According to Instagram CEO, Mosseri, the reason for the test is to ensure that the usage of Instagram leads to more happiness than distress. According to Mosseri, “We will make decisions that hurt the business if they help people’s well-being and health…it means we’re going to put a 15-year-old kid’s interests before a public speaker’s interest.”

Possible effects of an Instagram with hidden likes.


As people foresee a future of a social media feed with no information about the number of likes, people also start wondering if this possibility is a good or bad thing:



  • Lessen stress and competition. People are assuming that hidden like counts will make Instagram a less stressful online platform. It will eliminate the anxiety and embarrassment you can get from a post with a few likes. Therefore, being on Instagram will no longer feel like a competition.
  • More and better content. With no like counts to see as a gauge to measure the quality of a post, more users may feel encouraged to share content. Moreover, since like counts are not visible, people’s attention shifts to the content itself. The shift may lead to creating better content. This may also put an end to the practice of buying likes just to appear more credible.
  • Higher engagement and profits. Hiding like counts diminish its power to connect to brands and influencers. Thus, instead of hitting likes, it may urge followers to perform actions that will help a brand reach goals such as sending direct messages. This will lead to higher engagement and hopefully better profits.



  • No more influencer marketing. For Instagram influencers, their power to convince and inspire increases with the number of likes they get. Ultimately, less exposure may lead to lost revenue. Thus, many are speculating that hiding likes will mark the end of influencer marketing.

Everybody is abuzz about this move from Instagram. The result of the experiment may alter the way people view and use social media. The most we can do is hope that this will support Instagram’s aim of providing the best user experience.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand – June 30,2018: Woman Holding Apple Ipad Wi

With numerous benefits that firms can get from social media marketing, it can be discouraging to see dismal results from all your campaign efforts on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Since these websites are well-known for their steadily-increasing members and high engagement, failure in social media marketing means missing a golden opportunity to connect with thousands and even millions of followers. In a way, it is almost like seeing profits and conversions going down the drain. Thus, it would not be right for a business to accept defeat in social media that easily. The laudable approach is to continually analyze why the campaigns are not creating the desired impact and in the process seek ways to get better. One way to improve is by looking at the possible mistakes you may have been committing on your social media tactics:

Posting too frequently.

Regular posting of relevant content is essential for a social media campaign. Overdoing, however, may not help you achieve your goals. Thus, while one Facebook post a day may be enough to stay in touch with your followers, posting more than that may result to lower engagement. This is because each status update will not be given enough exposure for the viewers to see. Frequent posts may even start to become annoying. Thus, instead of coming up with more postings, a better approach is to focus on creating quality content. Moreover, social media marketers should remember to consider the platform when assessing the optimal number of postings.

Posting at the wrong time.

Even the most brilliant content will not create much engagement if you post it at a time when most of your followers are inactive. Thus aside from creating quality content, make sure to post it at the most appropriate time. The time when your posting appears matters a lot. Therefore, it is recommended to check your social media analytics and algorithms. This will allow you to see the hours when most of your followers are active. This is also why it is impossible to craft an effective social media campaign without taking the time to get to know your followers.

Posting the same message on all platforms.

Social media management is anything but easy. That is why there are many apps and tools that will allow web marketers to post a single status on all existing accounts. These tools are definitely helpful to keep your social media accounts active. However, having a synonymous status on all your accounts may not allow you to fully connect with your followers. Popular content on Facebook may not have the same effect when posted on Twitter or Instagram. So while leveraging the use of social media tools, take time to tweak your content to fit the users of a specific platform.

Not investing in social media advertising.

Social media marketing requires a continuous and consistent effort. You want to do more than what is required to keep on growing your members and engaging with your followers. One way to do this is by running an ad campaign on social media platforms. With its wide reach and flexibility, this is a cost-effective way to reach out to new clients. A successful campaign comes from thoroughly studying the advertising platforms and clearly defining your goals.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand – Feb 22,2018: Woman Holding Apple Iphone 6

Success in social media marketing takes creativity, tenacity, and commitment. The job can be stressful with social media managers striving to keep their online pages running and their followers interested. With the huge influence and popularity of sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all your hard work will likely be worth it. A recent study from Smart Insights indicated that 90% of people included in the survey are using social media platforms to reach out to a company.

However, with so much to see online, it is easy for a brand’s social media campaign to go unseen. The fact that various social media platforms are constantly upgrading their platforms makes online marketing even more difficult. To help a brand reach its marketing goals, social media managers should be looking for ways to further improve their strategies. The following are some tactics that social media managers can use to keep their pages on top of the game as the new year rolls in:

Post more video content.


It doesn’t take a genius to know that more people prefer video content. Live and pre-recorded videos are currently dominating social media pages. In an article published by Quartz, a Facebook executive predicts that content posted on their platform will be entirely videos by 2021. This means that social media managers who do not want to be left behind should start learning and mastering video marketing

Explore Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Technological advancement is showing no signs of stopping and things that are seemingly impossible before will soon be a reality. People are now able to be instantly transported inside webpages with the introduction of virtual and augmented reality. In social media, VR and AR is an exciting feature to explore. There are endless possibilities for platforms to utilize this technology. Therefore, social media managers should start looking for ways on how to incorporate it in their content and tactics.

Consider social media localization.

The focus of online marketing today is on enhancing the user experience. One good way to do this is through localization. This means adjusting content to fit the culture and language of the target audience. Adapting localization can make social media pages sound friendly and accessible to people. It will likewise give you a tremendous edge over other pages.

Incorporate social shopping.

Social shopping is one of the newest terms in the e-commerce landscape today. Users of this method are given the chance to directly purchase a product through a social media site. Due to the convenience of this online shopping trend, expect social shopping to grow at an accelerated rate. Since anyone can share or recommend an item or deals with their friends, it becomes easier for a client to trust and purchase a brand. Thus, brands using social shopping in their social media strategy can expect increased ROI.

Social media management may seem cool and trendy but it is definitely not easy. It is a job that requires multiple skills and involves numerous tasks. Among other things, social media managers need to think about content to share, metrics to analyze, and reports to finish. Do not let all these online tasks overwhelm you by employing the help of Birch River Design Group, a reliable digital marketing agency in Scottsdale, AZ. Our team of competent professionals can take care of all your social media marketing needs. Contact us today!

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Social Media Engagement

With statistics showing nearly  2.1 billion people using social media, building a strong and active online presence is now a necessity rather than a mere option for firms. In order for social media to work to your advantage, you need to start an online community and practice social media engagement to better your relationships with clients and prospects.

This task is not as simple as it sounds. Distractions abound and competition is tough, so it is a huge challenge to gain followers and keep them on your page. To maintain a social media community that will complement the marketing strategies of a company, creativity and commitment are absolute essentials.

Post Regularly

A social media page is not something that can run on its own. Regular posting is an important part of social media engagement because it is almost impossible to keep current followers and gain more if you abandon a page after setting it up. The frequency of your posts also gives your audience insights about the stability of your company, so it is also a way to build trust with your audience.

To get more likes and shares, you can take advantage of the latest social media trends such as Facebook or Instagram Stories. You can also increase the exposure of a post by pinning a certain update on top of the page. The tone and content of your posts will depend on your target audience, so make sure you have in-depth knowledge about them.

Aim for Viral Content

A simple post can easily get lost in the middle of a lot of content; all of which are competing for attention. So get your creative juices flowing and try to come up with unique content that is bound to capture the interest of many. Be sure to keep track of trending topics for ideas on viral content. It is also recommended to include hashtags for your posts to reach more people.

Be Spontaneous

By scheduling your posts in an orderly manner, your audience will start noticing a pattern on your feed. You probably post inspirational quotes every Monday or share a funny video every Friday. Consistency keeps your social media channels organized and reliable. On the other hand, things may also start to get boring over time and negatively affect your social media engagement.

Being spontaneous is a great way to snap out of the boring routine. Surprise your audience by creating totally different content from your usual posts every now and then. You can also run contests or promotions to promote your brand and reward your followers. It will keep the stories on your feed fresh and interesting, and increase your chances of likes and shares.

Ask Questions

Social media is popular because it provides a quick and easy avenue for interaction. If all of your social media posts only reflect your views, it is not fulfilling its goals. Let your customers know that their opinion greatly matters by asking them questions or making suggestions.

Aside from encouraging interaction, you also gain valuable information about your client’s preference. You can then use the insights you get from these postings to enhance your service or develop new products.

Answer Promptly

Your firm may be known either for exemplary or lousy customer service by the way you handle messages you receive through your social media pages. Make an effort to answer all comments and respond to inquiries as soon as you can. It may be time-consuming, but it will be worth it because you will end up with happy clients. A client will likely purchase and recommend you to others with positive customer experience. To automate and hasten response, you can install chatbots in your messenger service.

Manage a Facebook Group

Aside from creating a Facebook page where the admin is the only one posting updates and statuses, a business can likewise create a Facebook group to give their followers a chance to post as well. This community is a great platform to network your products and services. This gets you closer to people who are interested in your brand.

Social media marketing sounds fun; an actual profession that allows you to browse Facebook feed, post Instagram photos or watch YouTube videos. All of which seems easy and doable. However, if all you want is to set up a business page on Facebook or Instagram and put it on autopilot, the social media channel may do more harm than good. Therefore, it is important to practice social media engagement with your audience and make use of the tools available to you to grow your following.

Our team, Birch River Design Group, wants to help your firm enjoy the many benefits of an active social media community. Contact us or give us a call today!

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Woman Holding Apple Iphone

Social media is well-established as an effective marketing tool. Brands that make an effort to build a strong presence in sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn enjoy a cost-efficient way to promote their services. Likewise, with 2019 stats from the marketing software provider Emarsys saying that an average of 3.2 billion people accesses social media sites every day, it is undoubtedly a surefire way to reach out with existing and potential customers. But social media management is not as easy as it sounds. 

Although the popularity of these online platforms brings many benefits, it also makes social media management very challenging. Many tend to assume that managing an online page is fun and easy. In reality, social media marketing requires great strategy, hard work, and consistency. To make the seemingly enormous task of social media managers less daunting, the following tips can help:

Choose a platform/s to focus on. 

You do not need to create an account on every available social media sites to enjoy its rewards. Simply maintaining an account on the platform/s your target audience is most active can do wonders in your marketing initiatives. By identifying the platform/s where your posts will yield the best results, you will also determine where to focus your best marketing efforts. Furthermore, narrowing down the number of pages you manage to only those that matter will help you create better content and improve customer service.

Create a content calendar.

Without a plan and strategy, social media management can easily get chaotic. It might be difficult to track your progress towards the goals you set. So along with setting clear and measurable objectives, organization is key to help a digital marketing strategy succeed. A content calendar is a great way to organize several accounts and to plan content at a glance. Since social media management is often handled by a team, a content calendar can help keep everybody in the group aware of projects and tasks. As a content calendar keeps everybody in the loop, miscommunication among the group can be avoided 

Invest in tools. 

Among others, social media management includes interacting with followers, updating various pages, and creating unique content. These tasks that require constant monitoring can get overwhelming. Fortunately, social media managers can rely on a number of free and paid tools to help them keep track of multiple social media platforms. Using these tools allows you to perform similar tasks at once and saves time. Examples of social media management tools you can use include Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social. By choosing tools that support the social media platforms you are managing and are equipped with comprehensive features, your job becomes easier.

Use chatbots. 

A timely response is vital for building credibility and boosting the engagement of your social media pages. Since social media sites run 24/7, digital marketers strive to be available to answer queries as often as possible. Thankfully, through the use of AI technology, chatbots make it possible to give instant responses. Some social media platforms offer a chatbot option so do not forget to take advantage of this useful feature.

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Hashtag strategy

Every social media marketer should know the importance of hashtag strategy. Not long ago, ‘hashtag’ was an unknown term. Yet since it was introduced by Twitter in 2007,  its usage and application has continued to spread like wildfire. Initially intended  as a way to group Twitter messages about a certain topic, their use and functionality have evolved. Today hashtags are crucial if you want to increase your chances of someone finding, viewing or engaging with your posts on social media. The popularity of hashtags even led the American Dialect Society to declare it as their word of the year in 2012.

Creating a hashtag strategy is important for organizing marketing campaigns, boosting your brand’s online presence or even creating a trending topic around a new service or product. It is a simple, effective way to drive your marketing efforts across social platforms. Still, businesses who want to maximize the benefits of hashtags cannot simply add them without putting forth much thought. For a hashtag campaign to do wonders, the following tips should be considered if you want to improve your engagement.

Consider the social media platform.

Today it is nearly impossible not to come across a hashtag when you scroll through the feed of any social platform. You are free to use hashtags when you create a post on any platform, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest.  They’re even applicable when you type a search query into Google. However, using the same strategy in all channels may not give you the results you want. Best practices and rules regarding hashtag use differ per platform. While Twitter considers one to three hashtags per post as ideal, Instagram allow up to 30 hashtags. Facebook and LinkedIn on the other hand, do not recommend adding multiple hashtags in every post. In order to positively complement your social media marketing strategy, take time to study the platforms where you want to use them.

Mind your tags.

Hashtags are a crucial part of any marketing campaign you start. Whether it is to increase brand awareness or promote a specific campaign, people will start to associate it with the hashtags you choose. They also play a great role in ensuring that posts get noticed and discovered. It is therefore important to take time to carefully decide which ones you will use for your brand. They should be relevant and relay something about your niche. Prior to using a hashtag, you can search for it to see if there are previous posts connected to it. This will help you avoid being attached to negative, controversial or crowded hashtags by accident.

For your hashtags to be search engine friendly, you need to utilize your target keywords. Be creative and unique by crafting ones that will capture people’s attention. You want something simple and easy to recall. Specific hashtags can also help connect your brand to your target audience. For example, if you are tweeting about a business summit in Los Angeles, you can add the keywords #LosAngeles or #LA to narrow your audience to those who are in the area.

Employ the help of tools.

Do you need help monitoring your hashtags? An application that can gauge the success of your hashtag campaigns can help. The good news is that there are a lot of available tools and apps that can help make your tagging tasks a breeze. Some tools are free while others require a fee. Research the best tools for your needs and see how they can help with your overall strategy.

Jump on the bandwagon.

Popular events and controversial issues can generate a number of trending hashtags, and who says you shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon? It’s like joining the hottest party of the moment — a golden opportunity to be seen and converse with the people you want to reach. Aside from increasing your visibility and engagement, creating posts about current interests will paint a good image of your business. It will present your brand as something that is empathetic and proactive. To reach more people, you can also create posts for popular weekly hashtags such as #TBT or #MotivationMonday.

Birch River Design Group is passionate about helping companies grow through the effective use of digital marketing strategies. We understand how vital effective social media marketing is for your business. Contact us today so we can start discussing your business goals and social media strategy!

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Social media platforms seem like simple and cost-effective channels to utilize for your overall marketing strategy. But without knowing the ins and out of crafting social media strategy, your brand’s Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram pages may hardly be noticed at all. So how can your business build a standout online presence? A bit of help from a social media agency may just be the thing your business needs.

What is a social media agency?

There are agencies that offer to help businesses build effective social media marketing strategies. If you want to use social media to promote a marketing campaign, a social media agency with extensive experience and expertise can offer tremendous help. Unknown brands can gain prominence in hours and highly amusing or useful content can go viral in minutes. This further illustrates the great impact social media can have when it comes to your digital marketing campaigns.

What can a social media agency do for your business?

A social media agency specializes in helping your brand explore the growth potential that is waiting with effective use of social media platforms. They do this by helping you perform the following tasks:

Plot a social media marketing strategy for your business.

To start social media pages that will complement the marketing efforts of your business, you first need to come up with carefully laid out social media marketing strategies. Without clear goals and a plan in place, your online presence will do more harm than good. A competent agency can give sound advice on how you can create a strong, cohesive strategy. Your team and the social media agency can work together to brainstorm tactics to implement in your overall social strategy.

Build and manage your social media accounts.

Building social media accounts for your business is not a one-time thing. In fact, the real job starts once your pages are live and running. This duty is far from easy. There are tons of things to do such as producing useful, engaging content and interacting with your followers routinely. You also likely have to manage several platforms at once. Thankfully, businesses can easily delegate these responsibilities to a social media agency. Choose an agency that knows just the right tools to use to make the seemingly overwhelming tasks of handling social media campaigns easy.

Improve the image of your brand.

Brand promotion is definitely a big reason for going into social media. Almost everyone is online these days, making social media a great advertising avenue. To take advantage of this, an expert social media agency should know how to present your brand in a way that will benefit your company.  With the wise lineup of social media posts, an agency can let the public know the mission and values that your brand upholds.

Advertise your services.

Social media is now one of the fastest ways to gain new clients and ensure loyalty from existing ones. Aside from gaining recognition for your brand, the online profile that a social media agency creates for your brand should clearly state your products and services. Your status updates should be a fast and simple way to explain your offerings to the public. A social media agency can also answer queries of customers to facilitate turning leads into conversions.

Is your company ready to discover the many benefits of using social media? Make sure you are dealing with a social media agency that can help you achieve all your marketing goals in no time.

Our team at Birch River Design Group genuinely wants to help your business make a difference in the world of social media! Let us know your social media marketing concerns and we will see how we can help.

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To say that social media marketing is a hot business trend to try is no longer an accurate statement. With a report published in 2018 saying that there are about 80 million business pages on Facebook, using social media for business growth has actually become the norm. Still, blindly jumping into the digital bandwagon without a clear set of plans and tactics is not the route to take for entrepreneurs who wish to benefit from a thriving social media presence. For your Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube pages to bring positive results, a clear cut social media marketing strategy is necessary. To help you conquer the social media world, keep the following pointers in mind.


Define your objectives.


Laying out your reasons for building a social media platform is the first step towards achieving your online marketing targets. Do you want a web page where prospective clients can quickly send inquiries? Or maybe you want to build up a particular image for your brand? Defining your goals is important because it will set the direction for all your social media efforts. Knowing your goals will also define the purpose of your business page. For goal setting to work to your advantage, remember to set realistic and achievable objectives. It is also good advice to set a definite time frame for your goals.


Gain in-depth knowledge about your audience.


Who are the people who will use your social media channel? What are their interests and concerns? How old are they and where do they live? You need to dig information and create a profile of your target clients before you even start building your social media presence. Every little detail about your target market matters if you wish to create a social media platform with a high engagement rate. Likewise, it will help you make a wise decision on a number of factors that can crucially affect the success of your social media strategy. For one, knowledge about your clients helps you determine the best social media platforms to utilize. This information also helps you set the tone, theme, and style of your content.


Provide quality content.


Give your followers a reason to stay by loading your page with useful and original content. Your social media posts should pique the interest of your clients as well as provide a solution to their needs. People on social media pages come in and out like a flash, so it is important to publish content that sticks in the mind of your audience. If you want to see dramatic improvements in your marketing goals, do not settle for mediocre content. Make an effort to boost your page with appealing content such as stunning visuals, entertaining videos or informative articles. It may be a good idea to hire a team to specifically handle your social media content.


Know your competitors.


Aside from knowing your clients, you also want to know the other social media pages where they are actively engaged. This is because these social media pages are likely to be your toughest competitors. Keep your competitors from stealing your followers away by studying their strategies. Keep a close watch of their moves to maintain your lead or to ensure that your page will not be left behind.  


Track and study your progress.


Social media marketing is a relatively new concept so it can be a trial and error process. Do not ignore the reports and insights that come with social media platforms such as Facebook Page Insights and Twitter Analytics. The data you will gather gives valuable information about how your page is doing.  Some of the information you can discover by thoroughly studying the statistics included on your most liked content or the best time of day to post. Use your discoveries to improve or adjust your strategies and ultimately create a better social media channel for your followers.


Invest in social media tools.

Social media management is far from easy. Since you probably have to handle several online accounts at the same time, the process can be exhausting and time-consuming. Thankfully, there are many tools you can use to make running several social media campaigns a breeze. Tools such as Sprout Social or Buffer will help you schedule and manage posts automatically. Meanwhile, tools such as BuzzSumo or Feedly can help you discover trending topics. There are also apps to help you create videos and infographics for your pages such as Biteable and Visme. Choosing the right social media tool can help give your page a competitive edge over others.


Do you want social media to create a significant impact on your firm’s marketing goals? It is a goal with so much potential for success if done right, but can drag your firm to the pit of failure if done the wrong way.

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