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At Birch River Design Group we pride ourselves in providing solutions in every facet of the digital landscape. Here you will find resources on tools and information that the new era of digital business demands.

WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins

Video Communication

Grabbing a meeting in 2020 is a whole lot different than in 2019. Finding a suitable video communication tool for your business is vital. Here are the current options on the market

Team Workspaces

Digital team environments are mandatory for modern businesses now.  Share calendars, storage, tasks, conference calls, message, and more all in one single eco system.

WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins

Business Websites

There are many different routes to your perfect website.

  • DIY type builders offer simple templates to get off the ground, but often are not flexible enough to be competitive.
  • CMS Platforms, like WordPress, is perfect when working with an agency due to the simplicity of adding content married with the flexibility for professional web developers to edit almost anything.
  • Custom Builds¬†have no limitations, but often takes more time to build and edit.

In order to get the most out of your business website you will need to be able to analyse the data coming out of it (and there is a lot!). We have put together a report on deciphering the numbers on our weekly website report.

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