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Financial Analyst Using Laptop Computer Analyzing Business Data

Savvy web developers will never deem a business website as fully complete and functional without installing a monitoring tool. This is because they understand that business success and data analytics go hand in hand. With an efficient system to gather metrics about a website’s performance, web marketers can easily gauge if their marketing tactics are working or not.

Figures and data can also provide insights to better understand the behaviors and preferences of your visitors. Regular monitoring and analysis of website stats can also lead to innovative ideas that can further enhance the online platform. However, to truly benefit from the wealth of information you can gain from marketing analytics, you first need to know the metrics to look out for. As a start, using web monitoring tools such as Google Analytics should help you give valuable answers to the following questions:

How did the visitors find you?

The visitors on your business website can come from various channels. It can be through a search engine’s result or via a social media post. People can discover you through an online banner ad which is part of your pay-per-click campaign. It is also possible for a user to directly access the URL of your page. You want to know how your visitors arrived at your site. Knowing this information can help you understand your traffic sources and plan a wise strategy. You can invest more effort in sources that drive the most visitors or plot solutions to improve those that give minimal traffic.

What are your visitors searching for?

A site search bar is a useful function because it helps users find the information they need. It can also give web marketers insights about what people expect to find on your website. Web monitoring tools provide a list of the keywords/terms people used while navigating your site. This information can be a helpful guide when determining the content that can enhance the user experience aspect of your website.

What is your most popular page?

One of the most important things to take note of is the page that is getting the most number of hits on your website. It can be the most popular product in an E-commerce site or the most viewed blog on a business website. It can also be a page with the most conversions. Upon identifying these pages, you can examine the factors contributing to its success. Moreover, you can use the insights you’ll learn to improve underperforming pages on your site.

Why do they leave?

Some web visitors land through a webpage but abruptly leave without clicking any link on the site which is known as a bounce visit. A high bounce rate signals a red flag as it means that the site is failing to meet its goals. Other users navigate the site but then fail to successfully lead to conversion page which is the exit page. You want to examine these pages on a site to understand what causes users to abandon a page.

Creating an E-commerce or business website site takes great effort, but the real work starts once the website is up and running. However, website maintenance and development will be so much easier with the help of Birch River Design Group, a digital marketing agency in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our team will gladly explain all the services we can offer your company. Do not hesitate to schedule a meeting with us today!

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Website UX

User experience (UX) is crucial to any enterprise. No business model will survive and succeed without emphasis on providing quality services. The goal to offer clients a pleasant experience should be clear and consistent in the overall UX strategy of a firm. Thus, a company that decides to venture into digital marketing should likewise stay true to its commitment to provide good customer service. One way to demonstrate this online is by creating a business website that customers will deem user-friendly. 

The UX aspect of a website is essential. It is a great determining factor if a visitor will stay on a page or leave. People who visit your site are potential leads. Therefore, it is such a waste to lose them just because of a poorly designed web page. To generate leads and profits, a business website should implement best practices to enhance its user experience. Some important factors to take note of are the following:


Keep your customers in mind.


It would be difficult to improve a website’s UX without in-depth knowledge about your target users. Take time to understand their concerns and interests so you can create an accurate profile of your users. You can then use this profile as a guide in developing the designs and functionalities of your website. Ideally, the end result is a business website that will meet or even exceed the expectations of your users.


Offer useful content.   


More than attracting clients, the end goal of optimizing a website’s  UX is to turn visitors into loyal customers. One way to keep clients coming back is by offering unique and valuable content. It can be an infographic, an ebook, or a video. You can also offer free tools, apps or templates. The quality of the resources you offer to your clients will help you establish your company’s good reputation. Do make sure that the content you offer in any form should be easy to access and use.


Give ample attention to customer’s inquiries and feedback. 


Hear it from your clients yourself by providing features that allow site visitors to leave comments or inquiries. Do not ignore the messages they will leave because actual users can surprisingly notice an error that you can easily miss. Maybe they encountered some difficulty accessing a certain page or give an idea for a great feature to add. Treat your clients as your partner in building the website by encouraging them to give both online and offline feedback. Their feedback will give valuable clues as to how you can further improve your site.


Run usability testing.


Usability testing is a great way to check if the interface you created is indeed usable and to improve UX. This process will demand time and resources from a firm but the insights you will gain from it makes it worthwhile. One way to conduct a usability test is by employing a pool of test users to perform actions on your business website. To maximize the benefits of running usability tests, participants should be given clear metrics and methods on how they can share their opinions and recommendations about the website. Test users can be given forms to fill or be asked to purchase something from the site. These types of tests will check how fast or slow a page loads. It will also reveal how easy or hard it is to perform transactions on a website.


Constant monitoring is a must. 


A business website is not something you create and leave behind. In many ways, a business website is just like a physical store or office that needs maintenance. Once a website is up, web administrators and digital marketers should regularly monitor the site to make sure that everything is running smoothly as well as the user experience (UX). A business website can crash or display technical errors anytime and if you fail to see it, you can sadly lose clients and earnings. However, if you keep an eye on your website on a regular basis, you can immediately fix errors as they occur.


Work on the homepage. 


Every page on a website is important, but as the usual entry point of a visitor, it pays to give extra attention to the homepage. Its aim is to give the users a good first impression with its design, content, and features. It will greatly help if the website’s purpose and the services it offers are clearly presented on the homepage. Clear instructions on how to navigate the website from the webpage will encourage the user to explore other pages on the website. 

Even if it is easy to see that investing in online marketing is a wise move, there is still a great chance for a business website to be a liability rather than an asset to a company. To guarantee success, you need a team with thorough knowledge and ample experience in digital marketing such as the Birch River Design Group in Scottsdale, Arizona. As your partner, we go all out to help your firm exceed all its marketing goals. Learn more about the UX services we can offer by getting in touch with us today!

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It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a strong online presence can do wonders to take your company’s marketing strategies to the next level. You can promote your brand and reach out to clients. The digital world also made it easier for companies to market their services. However, your efforts to delve the potential benefits that your business can reap from the world wide web will likely be futile if you know nothing about search engine marketing (SEM).


So what is SEM and why is it important?


SEM is crucial to the success of every website because the term refers to the strategies you use to ensure that your online campaigns are seen by as many people as possible. It is therefore important to be familiar with the best SEM practices before launching web marketing campaigns. With adequate knowledge about website marketing methods, your business website will get the hits and clicks you need. You also need SEM to greatly increase the conversion rate of your landing pages.


Is it SEM or SEO?


Search engine marketing (SEM) is often confused with search engine optimization (SEO) as many assume that they are the same. While both SEO and SEM aim to boost the website traffic and visibility of a website, there is a main difference between the two terms. The name SEM refers to tactics used to promote a website that mainly involves paid advertising. On the other hand, SEO refers to organic or unpaid strategies used to influence the search engine results pages (SERPs). As SEM encompasses all website marketing tactics, SEO is technically a component of the latter.


Since SEO and SEM work to achieve the same objective, web developers may wonder which methods will work best for a firm. Is it more effective to invest in paid advertising which is SEM or simply focus on getting organic traffic through SEO? Since SEO is more cost effective, is it wise to just forget about SEM tactics? The answer will depend on the goals of a business and the resources it has. Campaigns that need immediate positive results will benefit from paid traffic rather than organic ones. On the other hand, firms who can wait months to gain a high Google ranking may conclude that SEO is the more cost-effective option. A firm can also choose to use both SEO and SEM methods. SEO and SEM tactics that complement each other can surely help a firm attain goals faster.


What are SEM methods?


Various methods are available to plot a successful SEM strategy. You can display advertisements about your business or campaigns through paid listings or social media marketing. Another popular method is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. As the name implies, this form of advertising means you only owe money to the advertising company every time your ad gets clicked. Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are popular platforms where PPC methods are used. Business owners can also purchase ad spots from popular websites.


How to ensure SEM success?


Although SEM is basically paid online advertisements, the success of your web marketing strategies will not just rely on how much money you are willing to pay for an ad. The internet landscape gets crowded every second making the competition so much fiercer online. More and more companies are vying to get that premium ad spot. And even if you do land that perfect spot, you still cannot be certain if people will click it and be redirected to your website. Certainly, you do not want your investment in SEM to go to waste.o it is important to be aware of the factors and elements that comprise a successful online campaign. To assess the effectiveness of your paid ad, the following are basic questions to ask.



  • Who is your target audience?



To gain attention your ad should be visually appealing with a powerful message. This is a harder task if you do not know anything about the people you want to reach. It is a must to gather information about your prospective clients and create a profile of your target audience. This will help you create an ad that answers the most pressing needs of your prospects.  



  • Where can you find your audience?


The most beautiful ad is useless if no one can see it. The sites and platforms where you purchase ad space are very important. You want to place an ad in websites that your target clients visit. Based on the interest of your clients you may choose to place an ad on YouTube or LinkedIn. You may also decide that Facebook Ads are a better choice than Google Adwords. You are free to choose where to display your ad, but do not forget to study the ad platform before running the ad to increase the rate of success.



  • How do you measure success?



Before launching an ad your campaign should have a ready way to track results. Google Analytics and Facebook Insights are examples of sites that can help you measure the performance of your online ads. You can keep or modify your ad strategies based on what you will discover. These sites can also allow you to run test campaigns to determine the ads that work and those that do not.


The Internet era has given birth to a new kind of marketing which is SEM and your business is free to tap into the wealth of opportunities that are waiting in the digital world. Web marketing, though, can be a risky and complicated process without adequate knowledge about how it works. To avoid mistakes and guarantee success it is best to work with a team that specializes in digital marketing strategies such as Birch River Design Group! Let us know your marketing concerns and goals. Reach out to us today!


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At a glance, search engine optimization (SEO) appears to be difficult and complicated. To achieve a high Google ranking, implementing SEO strategies such as keyword research, content marketing and link building is necessary. Nevertheless, the search engine algorithm posts updates and changes at such a lightning speed that your SEO efforts can become obsolete and useless right before your eyes. Maintaining a high search engine visibility regardless of ever-changing SEO rules can be frustrating.


Yet, a closer look reveals that some SEO elements remain important factors on a website’s ranking despite various updates on Google’s search engine algorithms. SEO experts say that prioritizing these factors in web development will continue to positively impact a site’s success no matter how many updates happen. Therefore, a web developer who wants to shield a website from a sudden drop in traffic and ranking from any future updates should apply these core elements for an effective SEO strategy. Below are some of the factors that should always be part of your SEO efforts.

Create useful content.

Useful content is something that never goes out of style — even in the online world. If you put prime importance on making your business website a source of high-quality content, you never have to be scared of any of the changes that the search engines will roll out. Make an effort to regularly produce content that people cannot find elsewhere or provide an answer to a question that people are searching for. You may need the help of SEO tools such as Google Trends or Google Search Console to determine popular topics. People are bound to share your content and will likely go back to your site if your content is unique andinformationn. Increasing traffic and link building will be much easier, too.

Build good backlinks.

Link juice is one of the factors that search engines use to assess the quality of your website. The more quality links that are pointing to your site, the more link juice you have and you have a greater chance to get a higher search engine ranking (depending on your target keywords). It is important to remember that link building should be done with caution because you cannot just link to as many sites as you want. According to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, a site is likely to be penalized for link building practices that are obviously done to manipulate a search engine’s ranking. Links that will complement your SEO efforts should come from authentic and relevant sites. To improve your website ranking, you should also ensure that any internal and external links on your site do not lead to broken or error pages.


Provide title tags & meta descriptions.


Title tags and meta descriptions that accurately describe what your website or content is about will help search engines in ranking your sites. Your target keywords should be present in your tags and descriptions to increase your chances of ranking for a particular term. In a search engine’s page result, users will likely click the website that perfectly describes the information they are searching for, thus improving your site’s click-through rate. To take advantage of the benefits that your website can get from title tags and meta descriptions, remember to abide by the rules set by Google.


Optimize with the user in mind.


Search engines exist to help the users discover relevant content fast. This means that your SEO strategies should primarily be directed with the user and not the search engines in mind. To enhance usability, examine your website and determine the areas that you can fix. Page speed, interesting content and homepage layout are some of the important elements to take note of. If your website is slow, has boring content and the homepage does not readily explain what the site is about, a user is likely to leave your site quickly.


According to an article from Neil Patel, search engine algorithm announces frequent updates to keep up with the changing needs of people. This factor implies that is necessary to watch out for the latest SEO trends to further make your website user-friendly. For example, the forecast for SEO trends for 2019 now puts more importance to voice search and mobile-based search. Therefore, to maintain good standing on Google’s search result, remember to include an efficient mobile friendly version and add a voice search feature on your website.


The core SEO elements listed above have been deemed valuable since the earliest days of search engine history. Yet, their importance never diminished and they will continue to be important determining factors in Google’s search engine rankings. With so many websites being created every day, the competition in the land of search engines is getting tougher. To keep up with the competition, seeking the services of SEO experts will greatly help. Our team in Birch River Design Group offers SEO packages that can greatly boost your visibility on the web! Contact us today to learn more about our professional SEO services!

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Ideally, a business builds their website with a list of goals in mind. Firms or establishments would usually target brand promotion and customer acquisition. It will, however, be hard to maximize the advantages of a business website if your online portal looks bland and outdated. It is important to ensure that the website looks smart and modern to enhance customer experience.


To create a positive impact and outshine your competitors, paying attention to the latest trends in website design and development will greatly help.


Go for the clean and minimal look.


Too many colors and content are bound to distract and confuse your audience, and web designers are now seeing an increasing preference for sites with minimalist themes. So in a custom website, you want to display just the basic essentials and remove all unnecessary features. Basic essentials means the website’s goals are clearly displayed on the homepage and the structure allows a user to easily navigate a site. Of course, you want to remove unnecessary features such as irrelevant images and content.


Aside from the aesthetic appeal of a simple and sleek look, a minimal design will also result in easy website navigation and faster page loading.


Pick vibrant color schemes.


Light color schemes are still a great choice because of the bright and clean vibe it evokes. A mostly white background will also draw attention to the products or features that you want to emphasize in the website. Nevertheless, unconventional color schemes are the trend nowadays. So web designers are encouraged to freely experiment with more vibrant and striking color palettes. You can choose the color schemes that best define the vision and image of your brand.


Opt for unique typography and crisp images.


Your choice of font size and style is important because it can make navigating your site and reading your content a lot easier. Typography can also be used to make a statement about your brand or convey the mood of your website. Large and bold fonts are on trend because they are eye-catching. Web developers are also noticing the comeback of the serif font. Meanwhile, some firms may want to use unique font styles as a part of their marketing efforts.


Moreover, people are drawn to beautiful visuals, so your website should provide adequate photography. To use the website to increase sales, it is best to add crisp and clear pictures that allow a user to connect with a  product online.


Design with the user in mind.


You want a business website that will improve your relationship with your clients. While it is important to create a search-engine friendly custom website,  make sure you do not forget to prioritize the needs of your users. To do this, you can install applications that help with functionality that will ultimately enhance the user experience.


Add slides, illustrations, and videos.


Interesting content will capture attention and help you stand out among your competitors. Illustrations that relate to your brand or slides that contain useful data will give you an edge over others and will encourage your website visitors to visit you again. You can also add a background video about your product lines, company history or recent events.


The appearance and functionalities of your website reflect your commitment to provide quality services. Our team at Birch River Design Group will be happy to create a custom website that will prove to be an asset to your business. Send us an email or give us a call so we can discuss your web design and development needs.


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Firms today are well aware of the importance of having a strong online presence. However, not all websites deliver the intended results. The ever-growing and changing digital landscape is likewise increasing the competition. In fact, the Small Business Digital Marketing

Survey for 2017 report from Clutch, a research agency, reveals that 91% of small business owners plan to improve their websites in 2018.

So how can you create a sleek and impressive homepage web design that represents your business? What are the factors to ensure that a web page is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- friendly? Sound and up-to-date web design and development strategies must be in place to enjoy the numerous benefits of an official-looking online page and to stand out among countless websites out there.

Prioritize Speed and Ease of Use

You are bound to lose sales if your web pages are slow to load and laden with broken links and other technical errors. Page speed and usability are therefore some of the top concerns for a great website. So take time to craft a web page that allows a potential client to find needed information, place orders smoothly, and in less time. Aside from making it easy to navigate your website, fast loading times and good usability are also factors that can help your E-commerce website enjoy a higher search engine ranking.

Make Sure it’s Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, almost everything can be done with the use of a smartphone so a mobile-ready version of your site is surely a must. More people will get to know your products and services if the website can be easily accessed through mobile devices.

Google even confirmed back in 2015 that searches made in mobile platforms exceed the searches done using desktop computers. If your web page is not designed to adapt to various mobile operating systems, you are wasting a chance to reach out to more consumers.

Produce Quality Content with the Right Keywords

In spite of all advancements happening in the online realm, the term ‘content is king,” still holds true. The need for high-quality content will never go out of style so an effort to make relevant information part of your website services will be worth it.

Nevertheless, even the best content will be worthless if no one can see it so it is a must to follow best SEO practices in content development. For one, doing keyword research to identify high-volume keywords will go a long a way to ease the indexability of content.

Keep Up with the Trends to Outshine Competitors

Just like your actual business, your website should also learn to adjust and adapt to the changing times. So even if your website already looks perfect, it is still advisable to aim for continuous improvement. Study the latest updates from web designers and developers to know what new plug-ins and software to use to be a step ahead of competitors. Some of the latest trends today include installing chatbots, adding audios, and using videos.


Effective web design and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics are important elements if the goal is to successfully build a functional and interactive website that will drive sales and enhance services. A business website also serves as the company’s digital home where they can welcome clients, entertain inquiries, and process transactions.

The said goals are within reach with the help of the Birch River Design Group. We are here to help you build an impressive business website from the planning stage, design process, promotion, and maintenance. Reach out to our staff today so we can take care of your web design and development services needs!


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To maximize the benefits of an ECommerce site, it is essential to come up with a plausible marketing strategy that will successfully gain clients and keep them coming back. Consumers value a great purchase experience as confirmed by a survey report published by MarketingSherpa in 2017. Therefore, an ECommerce platform should allow the customers to experience speed and convenience in making an online purchase.



Implement SEO Strategies

It’s not good advice to start a brick and mortar business in a remote location because you want to be found and be of service to as many people as possible. The same logic applies to ECommerce sites. If you want more people to flock to your site and discover what you have to offer, implementing smart search engine optimization (SEO) techniques is the key. Some of the ways to boost organic traffic and search engine ranking is through content marketing and link building.


Invest in Paid Advertisements

Your ECommerce website needs exposure to thrive but getting attention is not so easy when many similar sites targeting the same types of clients. Advertising is essential in any marketing strategy so allocating a portion of your budget on paid ads will give you an edge against others. You can study the various ad networks online such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads to know what platforms will most effectively send visits that will lead to actual sales.


Focus on Web Design & Usability

Visual appeal and easy navigation are some of the basic elements in E-commerce website development. You want to make a good impression so the web design should appear sleek and professional. To convey a trendy and modern vibe, web developers can check out the latest trends in web design. A clear perception of your buyer’s persona can give clues in choosing the right typography and color elements to use.


In terms of functionality, an E-commerce website should have a landing page that showcases the best products and services that the business offer. The whole website should give clear messages and simple instructions so as not to confuse or frustrate the end user. Avoid long and complicated purchase and checkout process as it will surely turn off customers.


Validate Positive Content With Good Photos

Your ECommerce website may be filled with content that praise your products and services but without good photos, your write-up will not be convincing. Quality pictures that highlight the best features of your products have great potential to increase the conversion rates of visits.



A Background Video is a Great Addition

It is a must for an ECommerce site to have a well-written ‘About Us’ page or product descriptions. Nevertheless, everyone knows that it is easier to watch than to read so creating a short video about your business is likely to get the results you need.


Encourage Reviews and Feedback

It’s normal for a customer to repeatedly weigh all the pros and cons before making an actual purchase. For a customer to feel confident about the purchase and to establish trust, a feature that allows clients to post and read product reviews will greatly help.


Take Advantage of UpSelling and Cross-Selling Tactics

Upselling (offering a more expensive version) and cross-selling (offering related products) are strategies that you can use to introduce other services to the client. Sometimes it is difficult to decide on what products to purchase if there are so many to choose from. Implementing upselling and cross-selling tactics can be an effective way to boost revenues because you help clients focus on certain products that will really be of value to them.


Understand Consumer Behaviors With Analytics

A competent web marketer should be able to explain why an ECommerce site is performing well or doing badly. To do so, it is important to regularly monitor and analyze the metrics and data regarding your consumer’s behaviors. By doing this, you can maintain a website’s great conversion rate and apply immediate fixes to a site that is suffering from low visits.


Technology has made the digital world a massive marketplace, explaining the proliferation of online shopping sites. To enjoy the full advantage of having an ECommerce website, you need expert assistance from a team that genuinely wants to see your digital marketing efforts succeed. We are Birch River Design Group— contact us today.