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In : Search Engine Optimization Comments : 0 Author : Sam Barraza Date : 12 Feb 2020
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Landing on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) gives any business website a great advantage over its competitors. With one survey proving that more than half (51%) of all website traffic comes from organic search, high ranking websites can significantly drive in potential clients and complement branding efforts. However, to enjoy these benefits would require the proper implementation of search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. Since not all firms can claim expert-level SEO knowledge, employing the services of an SEO-focused agency is sometimes the best option. 

Yet with so many companies out there offering SEO services, hiring a reputable firm can be a challenge. It is even possible to end up with a bogus SEO agency, doing more harm than good. Increase your chances of working with a credible SEO agency by knowing the common mistakes to avoid when searching for online marketing partners. Here is what you should look out for:

Falling for unrealistic promises from an SEO agency.

It is easy to be lured with the guarantee of a high search engine ranking for your business website. Yet an SEO agency that promises a first-page search result is a sure red-flag. Your doubts should also increase if the promise does not include clear steps and tactics to achieve the top spot. An honest SEO provider lays down an effective SEO strategy yet also informs the client about the instability of how search engines work. This means that a reputable SEO agency does not center its services on ranking alone. Instead, it provides the best SEO recommendations to improve the rankings and usability of a business website based on reviews and assessments done.

Settling for the cheapest package.

Stats from 2019 SEO services report shows that small businesses spend an average of USD 497.16 per month for SEO services. To save money, it is tempting to choose the SEO provider that offers the most affordable packages. However, expertise comes with a price. This is why reputable SEO companies demand a fair rate for the quality of the services they offer. Thus, an agency offering very low rates may also result in poor performance. This would then lead to wasted money in the long run. 

Neglecting to do SEO agency research. 

To avoid regrets and mistakes, it is advisable to be meticulous before signing-up with an SEO agency. Do not forget to dig into the background and history of the SEO firm. Among other things, you want to know who their past clients are and the feedback they received from them. You should also be ready to ask the right questions that can assess the credibility and competence of an SEO firm.

Expecting quick results. 

Patience is a virtue any SEO agency should attain due to the slow rate at which results are likely to be seen. It usually takes months before you can see the effects of all on-page and off-page optimization techniques. Therefore, a trustworthy SEO firm offers long-term yet realistic SEO services. On the other hand, you should be wary of SEO companies that promise results in a short period of time.

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In : Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization Comments : 0 Author : Susie Date : 02 Feb 2019

Nowadays, anyone who needs fast access to information is likely to turn to the easiest way to get it – using the Internet! Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are available 24/7 to answer just about any query people have. For savvy entrepreneurs, this fact reveals one important thing: the need to be right where the customers are! A company selling car parts can expect huge sales turnout and client inquiries if their business website is the first thing to appear whenever someone looks for car accessories to buy online. But how can a web page appear on the first page of search engine results pages (SERP’s)? Clearly not by chance or accident, but through the wise implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques!


What is SEO?


SEO may sound like a big and technical word for those who have not heard about it before, but it simply refers to the organic or unpaid methods used to increase the visibility of a website online. Every website should aim to be on the first page of a SERP because according to a study by an online advertising network Chitika, most users only go through the first page of the Google’s search result. This 2013 research revealed that 95% of users only browse the first page of the SERP. Thus, the probability for your site to be discovered by a user greatly decreases if your webpage is at the bottom page of the search engine list.


How are websites ranked?


Search engines discover web pages through a search bot which is also referred to as a spider. These spiders crawl web pages and then assess the quality of a website through a process called indexing. A Google or Yahoo ranking is achieved if the search engines see that your website provides the best information for a certain search term or keyword. Each search engine platform (Google, AOL, Bing, etc.) has a unique process and requirements when indexing and ranking websites. For this reason, it is a must for SEO experts to gain knowledge about the algorithm of various search engines.


What are the best SEO practices?


To land on the first page of search engines, efficient on-page SEO and off-page SEO tactics should be in place. On-page SEO refers to the enhancements you make within the website (web design, adding meta and title tags, etc. ) while off-page SEO refers to promotion activities outside the website (link building, guest blogging, etc.). Both of them are necessary to build a good reputation for your website.


Search engines algorithms may differ in assessing the quality of websites but there are several factors that all search engines deem valuable. The factors presented below mostly comprise the best SEO practices that web developers should follow in order to improve online ranking.



  • Content is king.



The ultimate goal of search engines is to deliver the most relevant content to users. After all, instant access to useful information is one of the reasons the Internet is such a huge success. So work on creating unique content that people are searching for. If your website provides valuable information that is not available anywhere, users are likely to come back to your site and share your content.



  • Keyword research is a must.



You want to help the spiders understand what your website is about by stuffing your content with the right keywords. These are the search terms that people input on a search engine. You want to know these keywords so that you can incorporate it into your content and meta tags and increase the possibility to rank for it. Luckily, many online tools are available to do keyword research. Still, caution is advised when using keywords as using too many or too little can result in a low Google ranking.


  • Improve user experience.


Your website may be crawled by a bot but you should design and build it with potential users in mind. It pays to be mindful of elements that can drive a user to leave your site. Some things to avoid include slow-loading web pages, bland web design, and confusing content. To keep web visitors glued to your site, make an effort to make your website fast, appealing and informative.



  • Build backlinks.


Even online, building good connections is vital for success. In SEO you do this by associating yourself with reputable sites through link building. The number of quality websites linking to your web page will increase SEO juice which leads to a higher page rank. Link building strategies include building social media pages and guest posting.



  • Be consistent.

Finally, one important thing to remember about SEO is that it is a continuous challenge! Even when your website is at the top position in Google, it is not advisable to altogether stop your SEO efforts.

You have to keep track of Google algorithm updates, keep on posting useful content and build good links. If you are not consistent and vigilant, competitors can steal that top spot anytime.


Do you want to build a website that will complement the marketing strategies of your business? Our team at Birch River Design Group can customize an SEO package that fits the unique needs of your firm. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO services!

In : Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization Comments : 0 Author : Susie Date : 25 Jan 2019

The world wide web is a rapidly expanding universe. Records show that there are about 1.9 billion websites and the number is growing uncontrollably. With this statistic in mind, a new business website without proper search engine optimization (SEO) tactics in place will easily drown among hundreds of similar sites. Digital marketers are well aware that securing a favorable spot with search engines is not an easy or instant process. Moreover, the challenge to rise above competitors gets harder day by day. Web developers should be both smart and resourceful to ensure a high search engine ranking for a website. Utilizing SEO best practices to design an effective on-page SEO strategy will speed up the success of your online marketing campaigns. One of the newest SEO tactics that experts recommend today is a topic cluster.


What is a topic cluster?

The term stands for a content marketing strategy wherein you tackle a broad idea by breaking it down into several sub-topics. Thus, producing content for a huge topic is not enough. Instead, you come up with other topics related to the subject and produce additional content. These can be forms of questions you may have about a topic since one article or piece of content cannot possibly cover everything about a particular area of expertise. The main thing here is that the subtopics should all be linked into the parent topic. A topic cluster is, therefore, an interlinking of related web pages that point to one pillar (main content) page.


Why is a topic cluster important?

The system of how search engines crawl and index websites looks technically complicated at first glance. A closer look, though, will reveal that search engines serve a simple purpose: to help users find the right content they need. This is where topic clusters become a useful and important SEO strategy. By building a good topic cluster, you help search engines find your pages and improve the user experience for your site visitors. Your website also establishes expertise on a particular subject and the search engines see it as an authority site which results in a top search engine ranking.


Reminders in incorporating topic clusters.

According to SEO experts, topic clusters will be a huge part of the future of SEO  as search engines shift their attention to topics rather than keywords. To build a topic cluster, identify its components first. A topic cluster should have a lengthy pillar page or content (around 3,000-5000 words). It is a long post as this is where the cluster content will be built upon. The cluster content has a link on the pillar page so anchor text and hyperlinks are other important components of topic clusters. For this on-page SEO strategy to make a favorable impact on  search engine results pages (SERPs’), consider the following reminders:


Choose the main topic and determine the subtopics.

Brainstorming is the first step in building a topic cluster. You want to determine the main topics and the sub-topics you can make out of it. A good topic cluster plan should be able to cover almost anything related to a subject. With this strategy, visitors will unlikely bother going to another website to continue their research. It will also allow them to navigate through your whole website with ease.


Do extensive keyword research.

Keyword research still remains an important part of SEO because you cannot just write about any topic. You want to build a topic cluster that will guarantee a high number of visitors. Keyword tools will make it easy for you to determine the popular topics and even the topics around it. Keyword research will also be helpful in creating the anchor text for the cluster content in a pillar page.

Make your pillar page appealing.

The pillar pages in your website serve as doorways to other pages on your site. A high bounce rate in your pillar pages would, therefore, mean a huge blow to the overall web traffic of your site. So exert effort to make your pillar pages as engaging and interesting as possible. Your content should be clear and informative. It will also help to add images or videos to keep a visitor scrolling through your page.


Measure and check your progress.

Once your topic clusters are up and running, you want to know if it is giving positive results to your pages. Checking your site’s progress through SEO tools such as Google Analytics lets you see if you are on the right track. You may also see that certain SEO tactics are not helping your site rank well with search engines. In such cases, you can adjust or fix the problem areas quickly either by changing or enhancing your tactics.


If you want your firm to dominate the online world with brilliant market strategies, a well thought out SEO plan should be in place. With the SEO services that Birch River Design Group offer, you can quickly achieve your online marketing goals. We will be glad to discuss your website specifications and customize an SEO package for you, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us!