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Gain new marketing clarity by unlocking visibility into exactly how much revenue you earn from your ad campaigns!

Industry scaled Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram campaigns with proper GA4 tracking that works with Resova and Bookeo.

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We only work with escape rooms who we think we can make good money for and who are not in any of our current client's competitive area. Let's get on a call and see if we are a good fit.

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The Problem We Solve for Escape Rooms

You Have a Problem.

You're not 100% confident about your escape room's effectiveness on Google Ads or Meta.

As a result, you're unsure if you are under investing, over investing, or leaving money on the table.

This means you're having trouble making good business decisions around your escape room's online advertising budget. 

How We Solve it. 

To make the best business decisions around your escape room's PPC strategy you need three things: 

  1. A proven system
  2. Revenue tracking
  3. Consistent communication 

Bottom Line: All else being equal - you, as a business owner, need to be able to understand how much revenue your ads are making you. 

Our Google Ads and Meta escape room campaigns are scaled across Europe and the United States. They attribute revenue directly from your booking system to our campaigns. 

Every Monday, a human audits these campaigns, adjusts them for your market, and then reports directly to you focusing on how much was spent and how much was earned.

In a nutshell: Our campaigns work... and we prove it every single week. 

What's Our Business Model?

Our business model is simple: 

  • Month to month contracts
  • Make our escape rooms so much money that it doesn't make sense for our clients to fire us
  • Help our escape room owners make better business decisions

Who Can We Help?

  • Escape room owners who use Resova or Bookeo
  • Escape room owners who have a population of 100,000+ in their servicable market
  • Escape room owners who want to engage in a marketing endeavour backed by data and results

You Get Better Business Decisions By: 

  • Revenue tracking & weekly reporting done by a human
  • Month to month contracts (we prove our worth or we don't get the work)
  • Honesty on whether or not we're the right partner. If our campaigns aren't working as expected, we'll actually recommend pivoting. 

We avoid “trust us... it's helping” at all costs. Advertising can feel like a black box of what's actually moving the needle. Our campaigns make your escape room money or we don't work together. 

To see if we're a good fit for your escape room, click here to schedule a call with our team.

Escape Room Industry Experts

A map of all escape room locations Birch River Design Group works with

We brought our strategy to seminars at the Transworld Escape Room Conference 2023, consulted with industry titans like Resova and Escapology to improve Google Ads conversion tracking, and are pushing the envelope on every escape room digital strategy.

Our systems are proven effective for escape rooms with populations higher than 200,000 people. Proven across North America, and now in Europe.

Stop wondering if you are getting the best, stop relying on providers who aren't honest or have your best interests at the forefront, and end the cycle of picking up the pieces with your marketing.

Plans start at $499 a month. We are so confident in our results that we put our own money on the line. We make you $5 for every $1 you put into our ad strategy, or we refund our fee and every dollar you spent on the ads out of our pocket.

Escape Room Updates From the Team

  • Connor Bearse

    December 14th, 2023 | Operations Manager

    November has passed with our Google ads hitting 6xROAS and higher for our escape room clients! If you want to ensure you fill out bookings and take full advantage of this holiday season, feel free to reach out if you want a review of your current Google or meta ads system!
  • Connor Bearse

    November 12th, 2023 | Operations Manager

    Escape rooms can’t afford not to advertise right now. Our proven systems are maxing out the current market conditions every single week. 9x ROAS on our Meta this week.
  • Connor Bearse

    October 17th, 2023 | Operations Manager

    🔥 Mid-October Google ads are producing results for our escape room clients in the US and in the UK. We only expect our data-driven Google ads strategy to increase the results heading into this holiday season. If you are an escape room owner and would like to see how we can get you 10x ROAS results and higher, feel free to reach out and we would love to evaluate your current Google ads strategy.
  • Connor Bearse

    September 1st, 2023 | Operations Manager

    💥 With our 3 years working with escape room clients we are so confident that we can get you 5x ROAS we even financially guarantee it, covering not only our fee but all of your ad spend as well. If you are curious about how your escape room business is performing in the scope of digital marketing, reach out and we would love to take a look at your current google ads strategy.
  • Connor Bearse

    October 11th, 2023 | Operations Manager

    👏Google ads performance for our escape room clients in September still shows 8xRoas+ returns as we go into the holiday season. 🔥We are so confident in our Google ads campaigns that we financially guarantee their success. If you would like to learn more about our 5xRoas guarantee feel free to reach out and we would be happy to take a look at your current digital marketing strategy.
  • Connor Bearse

    October 4th, 2023 | Operations Manager

    Here at Birch River, we are proud of how well our meta ads campaigns are doing for escape room owners week after week. If you are an escape room owner curious about how we can get you 13x ROAS and more, leave us a message and we would love to review your ad strategy. We have been working with escape rooms since 2020 and we are so confident that our strategy works we financially guarantee it. Our 5x ROAS guarantee not only covers our monthly fee, but all of your ad spend as well.
  • Connor Bearse

    September 1st, 2023 | Operations Manager

    The end of August is showing more high-return Meta results for our escape room clients!
  • Connor Bearse

    June 2nd, 2023 | Operations Manager

    Experiencing remarkable results with our escape rooms! Our data-driven approach has led to outstanding returns on ad spend, ranging from 8 to 18 times!
  • Connor Bearse

    May 17th, 2023 | Operations Manager

    The first screenshot represents a location with a population of just 2,600. Despite the small size, we achieved an astounding nearly 11x return on ad spend over the past 30 days! The second screenshot features a thriving three-location escape room business catering to a population of over 3 million. We're proud to have maintained an impressive over 8x return on ad spend during the same period!
  • Connor Bearse

    April 2nd, 2023 | Operations Manager

    Want to up your Meta Ads game for your escape room? Our conversion-based and remarketing campaigns are each averaging over 10x return on ad spend for our escape room clients! Do not miss out on valuable conversions that you could be getting with high returns on the Meta suite. Shoot us a message to learn more about how we help grow our escape room clients businesses by focusing on high-return ads.
  • Connor Bearse

    March 24th, 2023 | Operations Manager

    We get our new escape room clients over the 5x return on ad spend mark in no time, and we keep them there. The numbers don not lie. If you want guaranteed results for your escape room, reach out today!
  • Connor Bearse

    January 26th, 2023 | Operations Manager

    We generated over $3,800 in revenue with only $208.55 of ad spend on a Meta Remarketing campaign for one of our escape room clients last week. That is over an 18x return on ad spend!
  • Connor Bearse

    December 12th, 2022 | Operations Manager

    Reviewing some #results from last month for one of our #escaperoom clients. 9x ROAS | $3,780 -> $34,700
  • Connor Bearse

    December 5th, 2022 | Operations Manager

    Facebook and Instagram remarketing is working so well for escape rooms right now! Here is the proof!
  • Connor Bearse

    November 18th, 2022 | Operations Manager

    We hit the one year mark for one of our #escaperoom clients! $32,000 spent to $329,000 revenue earned. Thats 10.03x ROAS! Incredible work Jake Dieball and the Birch River Design Group team.
  • Connor Bearse

    November 2nd, 2022 | Operations Manager

    Love seeing weekly reports go out that have 13x ROAS (almost 14!). Thats $385 to $5,360 for one of our escape rooms last week. We love our escape rooms - reach out if you want this kind of return for your escape room!
  • Connor Bearse

    October 30th, 2022 | Operations Manager

    More results! The last 14 days of a recent Meta (FB/Instagam) ad for an escape room client. 24x ROAS | $67 turned into $1,640!
  • Connor Bearse

    October 9th, 2022 | Operations Manager

    14 ROAS | $162 -> $2,300 in escape room bookings last week for one of our clients!

Escape Room Facebook and Instagram Ads… 8.3x return on ad spend

Facebook and Instagram Ad Results for Escape Rooms

Escape Room Google Ads… 8.79 return on ad spend

Google Ads Results for Escape Rooms

Escape Room Google Ads… 11.27 return on ad spend

Google Ads Results for Escape Rooms

Escape Room Google Ads… 7.41 return on ad spend

Google Ads Results for Escape Rooms
Google Ads Results for Escape Rooms
SEO Success for Escape Rooms

Number 1 Average Rank Position for Google Maps and Google Business

Google Business Success for Escape Rooms

Testimonials From Escape Room Owners

"We've been extremely impressed by Jake and Connor working with us and helping to make us so successful. They are by far the best in the Escape Room and entertainment business for running successful Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email marketing campaigns, website optimization, social media posting as well as SEO. As owners, we didn't know how to run successful Google and Facebook Ad campaigns, we weren't doing email marketing very well, we just didn't have time to learn and do it all. We went through a couple of bad marketing companies and wasted time and money on them. Then we found Jake and Connor and honestly they have been phenomenal.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is the best metric to track your ad spend success and they are crushing it for us! We've had an average of a 7.6x ROAS this past year, and in the past 6 weeks we've had weeks with a 23x and 11x ad spend! What's that mean?

We spent $165 in a week in February and got back $3,880 in revenue - that was trackable. A 23x ROAS! That's not only amazing, that's a no brainer!

If you want to increase revenue each and every week, get weekly reports that are easy to digest and tell you exactly how much you get back in return, hire Jake and Connor! Get back more hours of your life, let the experts take your marketing side of your business to more success than you'll ever do on your own, and give these guys a chance and they will impress you!"

Brian M.
Alcatraz Escape Games

"Birch River Design Group has been instrumental in helping us scale the revenue and bookings of our Escape Room business. Our previous provider did not understand how to track conversion stats or analytics correctly, and Birch River's team came to the rescue. Right now, we are seeing our Return on Ad Spend increase exponentially due to their great Google Ad strategy and SEO.

To top it off, they have also been very helpful with Web Site changes, all while providing very responsive and professional Customer Service. We couldn't be happier with Birch River Design Group."

Kris G.
Wild Goose Escapes

You Have Never Worked With a Team Like Ours

We've had an average of a 7.6x ROAS this past year, and in the past 6 weeks we’ve had weeks with a 23x and 11x ad spend!
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Birch river design group has increased our inbound lead generation by over 300%!
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Our return on ad spend increased exponentially due to their strategy
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We’re certain we’re with the right partner and know our birch river design group team is looking out for our company as if it were their own.
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