[2023] Bookeo Escape Room Integration Guide

Posted on March 7, 2023 by Connor BearseConnor Bearse

Update April 5th, 2023 - We have recently launched a new guide that is much easier to get Google Analytics 4 and Bookeo configured.

This page still has valuable information on setting everything up manually, as well as Google Ads setup - but if you are just looking to get GA4 setup then click here!


Bookeo is an excellent choice for escape room owners wanting a tried and true booking system. It's been battle tested for years and is still the #1 choice for escape room booking systems.

When it comes to getting all the tracking hooked up properly though, it's always been hit or miss. In 2023 there are two new curve balls that have made it even more difficult to get it setup right:

Because of this we have had to create a new system of tracking that does not include crossing domain and configures well with Google Analytics 4.

Below you will find the entire system explained. Follow along carefully and you will have revenue tracking in Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads.

We're escape room marketers at Birch River Design Group and our primary focus is on paid media spend (Google Ads and Meta). We can only make good decisions when we have clear and accurate data.

The system below is crafted for accuracy and out of necessity to do good work for our escape room clients.

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What To Expect

After configuring Bookeo according to the following guides, you will be able to track revenue through Google Analytics 4 as well as track revenue earned through Google Ads (Facebook Conversions will be added soon to this guide).

Send conversion value back to Google Ads:

An image showing Google Ads reporting with Conversion values being reported accurately for an escape room.

View total revenue data in Google Analytics 4. Here we are breaking down revenue earned by how the traffic was obtained:

An image of a Google Analytics 4 report that shows the breakdown of default channel grouping and total revenue earned for an escape room.

It's worth taking the time to get this setup right. Without good data it's difficult to make great business decisions for your escape room.

Google Analytics 4 Setup

The first step is to make sure your Google Analyitcs 4 property is setup and that you have your GA4 Measurement ID handy.

Bookeo Settings

In your Bookeo account configure the "Website Integration" and "Conversion Tracking and Analytics Settings" according to the following:

Google Tag Manager Base Setup

Once you have your GA4 Measurement ID and your Bookeo settings are correct, it's time to configure your Google Tag Manager.

After completing the following guides you will be capturing the transaction value, triggering tags based off of Bookeo purchase events, and GA4 will be working properly.

Work through the following articles in order:

Connect Google Ads With Revenue Tracking

With Bookeo configured, Google Analytics 4 working, and your Google Tag Manager configured with the purchase trigger/value variable it's time to setup Google Ads conversion tracking.

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