Instagram for Escape Room Owners

Posted on May 16, 2023 by Connor BearseConnor Bearse

Instagram is one of two main sources in 2023 to garner true organic reach. The main way to do this is through Reels. We highly recommend checking out our social calendar for what to create and post onto Instagram each week.

Otherwise, Instagram is fairly simple and all about keeping your profile up to date and keeping an eye on community interactions.

Local businesses on Instagram are tough to go 100% in on because a viral reel or post will reach mostly people who will not be able to show up at your business.

We have found that having a consistent posting strategy and paying attention to comments/direct messages is more than enough for most escape rooms.

Let’s take a look at what you should be focusing on as an escape room owner when it comes to Instagram.

What to Keep an Eye On

We do not recommend outsourcing these to anyone who is not on your payroll.


  • Responding to direct messages (this should be hooked up to your phone through the Facebook Messenger or Instagram app)


  • Responding to comments on posts or Reels

Posting Strategy

Instagram is an excellent source of reach when posting the correct way. At the moment Reels are an excellent way to stay top of mind in your market.

The best content is made by someone on location who cares about your business. Authenticity trumps quality every single time. Unless you have the budget to hire a local agency with videography and actors, an agency doing less is not worth it.

Even if you have the budget to hire that level of production - we’re still not convinced it’s worth it because of the non-geofenced nature of organic social media. What good is 1million views when very few are within driving distance of your escape room?

If you have access to this article then you have access to our social calendar. We highly recommend handing off the social calendar to your GM or an employee you trust to make content based off the calendar prompts.

Setting Up Your Instagram Profile

Your Instagram page does not have a whole lot of customization, which means what little you do have available for customization you should get right.

  • Profile Type: Business
  • Description: Be sure that your geographic region and the word “Escape Room” is early in your description
  • Address: Ensure that your address is clear
  • Link: Website is linked
An optimized escape room Instagram page.

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