Our 2022 Black Friday E-Commerce Email Campaign Results

Posted on December 14, 2022 by Connor BearseConnor Bearse

During Black Friday, we did what every good marketing agency does for their e-commerce clients - constructed a killer sale campaign. Let's take a look at the results.

The Setup

The email list we have is what most would consider small - roughly 7,800 people. The average item on this website costs roughly $40 and the average checkout comes to about $110 dollars.

We scheduled three email campaigns:

  • Email teasing the sale on Nov 18th, 2022... $2,495.45 revenue
  • Email advertising the start of the sale on November 23rd, 2022... $6,569.08 revenue
  • Email on true black Friday, 7am November 25th, 2022... $4,559.67 revenue

Between these three emails we averaged a 57% open rate and earned $13,623 in revenue! Here's the screen cap from Klaviyo.

Launching Our Kick Off Email

Let's take a look at the launch of our Black Friday deal announcement in detail.

Some more background - our sale was to start a few days before Black Friday and extend all the way to Monday.

We utilized the image only email style we pioneered back in 2020 for maximum effectiveness and control over our imagery.

Our thought is to let people know right around the time people are getting off of work the day before Thanksgiving which means starting the send at 4PM.

Below you will see the time chart of how that email performed over time. Starting right at 4PM and lasting to 8PM we saw the majority of our opens happen and the vast majority of our clicks.

The second uptick starts around 4AM Thanksgiving day and then tapers off as the late morning creeps in.

Our geographic region mostly consisted of US, but with some Europeans and Australians taking part in our exported American culture!

Deeper Metrics

We managed to get this to the inbox of 7,788 different people and the total amount of opens reported came to 6,999. That is total opens, not unique opens keep in mind.

The screenshot above was taken on December 14th, 2022 - a few weeks after this email went out. We're still getting opens consistently - a well crafted email will do that!

When it comes to unique opens - we tracked that 58.4% of the people we sent this to opened it at least once (and that is conservative because iPhones are getting a lot better at blocking this metric).

The breakdown contunues with roughly 5.7% of the 7,788 people who received the email clicked through, and only .7% of the total purchased.

At an average checkout of $105.95 (revenue after the sale, not including shipping or taxes) that came out to be $6,569.09 in total revenue attributed to just this email.

Since this e-commerce website is always collecting email addresses through a pop up, sometimes we end up bouncing a few emails.

Products VS Sale Page? What Got the Clicks?

Another unique bit of data we can share with you is what people clicked on. The decision to make a dedicated sales page on the website paid off, generating the most interest and clicks.

Clicks directly to products was still important though. All other links we're barely touched.

Link InformationTotal Unique Clicks
Link to the Black Friday sales page we created that uniquely showcased our Black Friday offers332
Links directly to on sale products112
Link directly to normal shopping catalogue23
Social Media Links12
Links directly to home page of e-commerce website8

Performance by Email Domain

We always like to check in on what email types our email lists are using. Gmail and Yahoo are dominating, while AOL surprisingly puts up decent numbers.

Performance by Email Client (Desktop & Mobile)

The type of email clients that our list utilizes to open the email tells us a lot about our audience, data integrity and further strategy.

The more Apple devices that show up, we know that our numbers are most likely under reported.

A serious increase in Android devices means that we have potential for better remarketing campaigns utilizing, specifically, Gmail ad placements.


Overall, we’re really pleased with how this campaign went out. We consistently generate incredible results for our e-commerce clients with our experience combining hand crafted email campaigns, incredible automations, and smart optimizations - all focused directly on more revenue for the shop!

Years ago when we were trouble shooting and getting to these results through sheer trial and error, I would have loved if someone could have shared some benchmark data like this.

Currently for the account in this write up we have been able to give them a 23% uplift from our Klaviyo systems. Here are the past 30 days of reported data:

I really hope this write up gives you some confidence in your pursuits. If you feel like you need a team to drop in proven, result driven work quickly and cost effectively - please reach out today!

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