Bookeo "Conversion Tracking and Analytics Settings" Configuration

Posted on March 7, 2023 by Connor BearseConnor Bearse

This article is part of a larger guide on how to correctly configure Bookeo on your website. If you are looking for the complete guide please click here.

The following will show you the best practice configuration for the "Conversion Tracking and Analytics" settings in Bookeo.

To start, navigate to Marketing in the navigation menu after logging into Bookeo then choose "Conversion Tracking and Analytics"

Enable the Google Analyitcs 4 integration by checking the box. Then, enter in your Google Analyitcs 4 Measurement ID. If you do not have that on hand please follow our guide on obtaining your Measurement ID by clicking here.

This will start sending events up through the iFrame onto your website for Google Tag Manager to capture. We will discuss that in the next section.

Be sure that you do not have "Enable Integration with Google Ads" selected. We will be creating the Google Ads conversion action through Google Tag Manager so we are not doing any domain hopping.

Hit the "Ok" button at the top right to save your settings!

If you are following along in our "Bookeo Escape Room Integration Guide" then navigate back to that page and move to the next section about configuring Google Tag Manager.

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