Bookeo Google Analytics 4 GTM Tag Setup

Posted on March 7, 2023 by Connor BearseConnor Bearse

This article is part of a larger guide on how to correctly configure Bookeo on your website. If you are looking for the complete guide please click here.

Prerequisites to complete this tutorial:

The following instructions will enable Google Analytics 4 for your website and will start collecting transaction data from Bookeo.

The first step is to navigate to your Google Tag Manager's Tag section and select "New".

A blank tag configuration panel will appear. Select the "Tag Configuration" box to choose the tag type.

Choose the "Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration" tag type.

After selecting the tag type, name your tag "GA4 - Config / Pageview" and then select the lego looking icon next to the input field for Measurement ID.

Select the GA4 Measurement ID we set up in this guide.

The measurement ID field will look like this:

Next, select the "Triggering" blank box which will open the trigger selection.

Select "All Pages"

The entire Google Analytics 4 configuration should look like this:

Go ahead and publish your tag!

You're good to go! Open up your Analytics and double check that information is coming through by navigating to the "Real Time Report".

If you are following along in our "Bookeo Escape Room Integration Guide" then navigate back to that page and move to the next section about configuring Google Ads with Bookeo!

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