Announcing the Escape Room Growth Portal

Posted on May 17, 2023 by Connor BearseConnor Bearse


SCOTTSDALE, AZ - May 17, 2023 - Birch River Design Group, a leading digital marketing firm that guarantees Google Ads results for escape rooms worldwide, today announced the launch of its innovative digital platform, the Escape Room Growth Portal.

This platform represents a significant stride in the world of escape room businesses, offering a comprehensive solution that centralizes digital assets, reporting, a social media calendar, and a knowledge library. This transformative tool has been created to serve escape room owners, streamlining their operations and driving business growth.

"We recognized the need for a one-stop portal that simplifies managing all the digital properties necessary to run an escape room business," said Connor Bearse, President of Birch River Design Group. "With our new Escape Room Growth Portal, we are not only offering an effective way to organize and access key resources but also providing an avenue for escape room owners to better understand the aspects of their marketing that can be managed in-house and those that are best outsourced."

The Escape Room Growth Portal is an unparalleled resource designed to meet escape room owners' unique needs. Its user-friendly interface organizes digital assets and provides quick links to all essential information, making it easier than ever for business owners to access and manage their resources. The portal also offers a robust social media calendar, ensuring owners can plan and execute their marketing strategies effectively.

Moreover, the platform includes a comprehensive knowledge library packed with valuable resources regarding services that may not require outsourcing. This feature aims to empower owners with the information and guidance to manage their operations and make informed business decisions confidently.

Birch River Design Group has made a name by delivering guaranteed marketing results for escape rooms utilizing Google Ads. Their expertise and proven strategies have enabled them to scale their services globally, helping escape rooms of all sizes achieve their potential.

"The Escape Room Growth Portal is the next step in our commitment to support the global escape room industry," Connor added. "We're excited to see how this platform will revolutionize how escape room businesses are managed and look forward to continuing our work to help these businesses thrive."

Birch River Design Group is a premier digital marketing agency specializing in delivering guaranteed results for escape rooms through Google Ads. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer service, the firm is dedicated to helping escape room businesses around the world succeed in the digital age.

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