Trip Advisor for Escape Room Owners

Posted on May 16, 2023 by Connor BearseConnor Bearse

As the popularity of escape rooms continues to grow, being visible and highly-rated on TripAdvisor is essential for attracting new customers and maintaining a strong reputation.

A well-managed presence on the platform can significantly impact the success of your escape room business.

Primary Focus:

Become the #1 spot for Fun & Games in your city and collect as many reviews as possible.

The Strategy

This is a fairly simple one - automate your review collection and send people to your TripAdvisor page for reviews.

An example of a high ranking Trip Advisor Escape Room.

Even if you are not ranking for any lists on Trip Advisor, the reviews you accumulate on your journey will show up when potential customers Google your your brand name.

Since the March 2023 Google Update these matter a lot! This snippet shows up on the first page of this escape room’s brand search.

How Trip Advisor shows up on Google for an escape room.

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