Digital marketing to become regulated by the CFPB

Posted on August 17, 2022 by Sam BarrazaSam Barraza

Morning readers! We started off this week strong with the riveting news that Tony the Tiger (yes, the cereal mascot) is now a Twitch VTuber in collaboration with Twitch's Brand Partnership Studio. Gr-r-reat?

In other news, Wish attempts to rebrand with their new global campaign “You Wish.” The brand’s new tagline is “Bargains Made Fun, Discovery Made Easy.” Watch the video here.

It looks like consumers like the promise of upcoming 15-day delivery but are still hesitant regarding the ethical cost of their products. 

Apple tries to bring workers back to the office with a mandatory 3-days-per-week policy.

Our own team has readily embraced the hybrid work life, working under a similar 3-days-per-week policy. Do you think Apple will pull it off this time?

The CFPB is now regulating digital marketers by issuing a new interpretive rule and will now be reviewing the content of digital marketing creatives to determine whether they might fall short of agency standards.

What does this mean? Tech firms using behavioral targeting of individual consumers regarding financial products are now liable for violations. Learn more here.

HOT POCKETS® is teaming up with Elgato to launch the One20 Contest, looking for up-and-coming content superstars to bring up to the next level with cash, gaming accessories, and more.

Smart move by the Nestle brand! We are big fans of the self-aware nod towards their product's popularity among the gaming community.

That is all for now! More updates are incoming next Thursday!

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